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Living American Composers: New Music from Bowling Green

Genre: Classical, New Music
Length: 59 minutes
Frequency: 13 weeks
Delivery Type: PRX and CD
Optional Breaks: One

"Believe it or not, a little town in Northwest Ohio is one of the liveliest spots for new music in the whole United States." Stephen Stucky, winner of the 2005 Pulitzer Prize in music.

New Music from Bowling Green is a radio series devoted to living composers and their works. The program originates from the MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music (MACCM), part of the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University in Northwest Ohio. Since 1980, MACCM has been hosting some of the biggest names in modern music at the annual New Music Festival. It also sponsors a multi-venue concert series called Music at the Forefront, which shines a spotlight on new and exciting young performers of contemporary music.

Produced by WGTE Public Media and hosted by Brad Cresswell, New Music from Bowling Green draws on live concert recordings from the New Music Festival and Music at the Forefront, as well as commercial recordings featuring the Bowling Green Philharmonia and the BGSU Wind Symphony. Designed with the mainstream classical music listener in mind, the program features audience-friendly contemporary works that are introduced by their composers. We also hear from the performers who bring those works to life in some cases, for the very first time.

Highlights from our second season include a Music at the Forefront concert from violist Nadia Sirota; an all-Frederic Rzewski sampler, and three episodes dedicated solely to works composed by women which are also performed by women. We also hear a live concert recording from Chicago's avant-garde music venue, Constellation, and survey music by some of the most exciting young composers on the horizon. Composers featured during this season include Nico Muhly; Braxton Blake; Cindy McTee; Orianna Webb; Stephen Hartke; Marc Mellitts; George Lewis; Avner Dorman, and Marilyn Shrude. We also focus on the music of Jennifer Higdon, who is an alumni of Bowling Green State University and a curator for our series.

This series is available free of charge to all affiliate stations for one broadcast through December 31, 2015. If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Tony Macaluso at (773) 279-2114, email:  Estlin Usher at (773) 279-2112, email:, or  David Sims at (773) 279-2027, email:

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