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Healing the Brokenhearted

In response to President Obama's message to "come together" and "be at our best as Americans," seven of Chicago's finest choirs will sing to heal the brokenhearted.  In memory of the children and teachers lost to gun violence in Newtown, Connecticut, this memorial concert will feature American music, including a newly commissioned Requiem Mass by Lita Grier interspersed with a prayerful array of solo art songs and interfaith meditations. 

For the first time ever, five of Chicago's nationally recognized children's choirs will join together in concert at St. James Cathedral.  They will perform not just as young choirs singing together, but as musical citizens determined to sing with 'one voice' in service of the grieving parents and families who lost their beautiful children.
The combined choirs will be joined by an interfaith roster of spiritual leaders and a cast of celebrated vocal artists. The radio broadcast will be hosted by 11 year-old Masha Lakisova, a talented violinist and engaging speaker.  

We hope this memorial concert and radio broadcast will provide solace and comfort to all who hear it.

"This will be our reply to violence: to make music more intensely, more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before."
Leonard Bernstein


Participants in this memorial concert include:

Doreen Rao, conductor
Lita Grier, composer
Wayland Rogers, composer
Carolyn Paulin, WFMT Producer
Eric Arunas, WFMT Engineer
Don Mueller, WFMT Technical Producer & Location Supervisor
Walt Whitman Jr., Soul Children of Chicago
Molly Stone, Chicago Children's Choir
Emily Ellsworth, Anima Young Singers of Chicago
William Chin, Pro Music Youth Chorus
Jacque Negus, Sharon Augsberger, Red Rose Children's' Chorus
Michelle Areyzaga, soprano
Scott Ramsey, tenor
Levi Hernandez, baritone
Luciano Laurentiu, pianist
Julia Coronelli, harp
Bruce Barber II, St. James Cathedral Choir
Paul French, William Ferris Chorale
Members of the Chicago Symphony Youth Orchestra, Allen Tinkham, Director
The Very Rev. Joy Rogers, Rector, St. James Cathedral

Others involved, still to be confirmed, are the Rabbi and the Buddhist monk who will offer meditations.

Broadcast Rights:
This program will be available to all ContentDepot stations, free of charge, as a Real-Time Audio Stream on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 1900 ET.  It will also be available as a File Transfer on Monday at 1300 ET.  Non-Satellite stations may request this free program on CD.  All stations may broadcast this program twice, before December 31, 2013!

For more information regarding this free concert, please contact Tony Macaluso at
773-279-2114, or email: or Carol Martinez at (773) 279-2112, e-mail:

Program Schedule

Chicago's Young Artist Choirs Sing in Remembrance of Children Lost to Violence
A Memorial Concert at St. James Cathedral, Chicago, Illinois
Sunday, January 13, 2013
Broadcast Schedule - Winter 2013

PROGRAM #:  HBH 13-01
RELEASE:  January 13, 2013

Walt Whitman, Jr., Soul Children of Chicago
Emily Ellsworth, Anima Young Singers of Chicago
Mollie Stone, Chicago Children's Choir (Hyde Park Neighborhood Choir) 
Jacque Negus and Sharon Augsburger, Red Rose Children's Chorus
Bill Chin and Carling Fitzsimmons, Pro Musica Youth Chorus
Bruce Barber II, St. James Cathedral Choir
Paul French, William Ferris Chorale

Michelle Areyzaga, soprano
Levi Hernandez, baritone
Scott Ramsey, tenor 
Luciano Laurentiu, pianist
William Buhr, pianist, accompanist

Members of Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestra, Allen Tinkham, Director
Bruce Barber II, Organ
Julia Coronelli, Harp
Doreen Rao, Conductor, Project Director
Lita Grier, Composer (Missa Brevis, Commissioned work)
Wayland Rogers, Composer and Project Coordinator
Mollie Stone, Conductor, Project Committee
Carolyn Paulin, Project Committee, WFMT Producer 
Eric Arunas, WFMT Engineer
Don Mueller, WFMT Technical Producer & Location Supervisor

The Very Rev. Joy Rogers, St. James Cathedral
Rabbi TBA
Monk TBA


Processional   When All God's Children Get Together (Soul Children of Chicago, Walt Whitman)
Introit    Fauré Requiem (Paul French, conductor; St. James Cathedral Choir and William Ferris Chorale, Organ)
Combined Children's Choirs, Orchestra
Kyrie from Lita Grier Missa Brevis for the Children (world premiere)
Doreen Rao, conductor
Solo   Wayland Rogers Apegado a Mi (Close to Me) (Michelle Areyzaga, soprano)      
Chorus    Dan Forrest Psalm 8 (Red Rose Children's Chorus, Jacque Negus,
Prayer   Kaddish (in Hebrew)
Combined Children's Choirs, Orchestra
Sanctus  from Lita Grier Missa Brevis for the Children
Solo   In Time of Silver Rain, Ricky Ian Gordon (Scott Ramsey, tenor)  
Chorus   Franz Biebl, Ave Maria (Anima Young Singers of Chicago, Emily Ellsworth, conductor)
Prayer   Sikh prayer
Combined Children's Choirs, Orchestra
Agnus Dei from Lita Grier Missa Brevis for the Children
Solo   At the River, American Hymn arr: Aaron Copland (Levi Hernandez, baritone)
Chorus   American song, Keep Your Eyes on the Prize (Hyde Park Neighborhood Choir of Chicago Children's Choir, Mollie Stone, conductor)
Prayer   Christian prayer (in Spanish)    
Chorus   Eleanor Daley, And God Shall Wipe Away All Tears (Pro Musica Youth Chorus, Bill Chin, conductor)
Combined Choirs, Audience, Orchestra and Organ
   Dona Nobis Pacem from Lita Grier Missa Brevis for the Children
(St. James Cathedral Choir, William Ferris Chorale and Combined Children's Choirs, Harp, Organ and Orchestra
   Fauré In Paradisum (Requiem)
Recessional  Siyahamba (with all Children's Choirs following) (Soul Children of Chicago, Walt Whitman)