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FIESTA! with Elbio Barilari

Genre: Classical and Latin Music
Length: 59 minutes
Frequency: 52 weeks
Delivery Type: PRX, File Transfer and CD
Optional Breaks: One

Host: Elbio Barilari
Producer: Daniel Goldberg
Underwriter: Joyce Saxon

Fiesta! is an original production devoted to Latino concert music, and brings artistically significant compositions from Latin America, Spain and Portugal to your listeners.

The acclaimed composer, musician, performer, and professor Elbio Barilari is the host and creative force behind this series. He invites listeners to enjoy and learn about the lively and compelling sounds of Latin American classical music.

Fiesta! provides a valuable platform for the sound, culture, and history of classical music in Latin America. Barilari enriches our listeners by introducing them to a genre that does not typically receive much exposure. Fiesta! fosters an appreciation for Latin American classical music and creates a meeting place for listeners of diverse backgrounds.

“Fiesta!” says the Uruguayan-born composer Elbio Barilari, “features the hottest Latin-American music from the 16th to the 21st centuries.” Mr. Barilari, a faculty member of the University of Illinois at Chicago, is at the helm for this trip through the hidden pleasures of Latino concert music, including the magical rhythms of Silvestre Revueltas and Heitor Villa-Lobos and the power of symphonic tango. Plus, the series shares little-known treasures from the Latin-American Baroque, and celebrates classical guitar through the music of Agustin Barrios, Antonio Lauro, and Leo Brouwer.

This series is available free of charge to all affiliate stations for one broadcast through March 31, 2015.

If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Tony Macaluso at (773) 279-2114, email: or Estlin Usher at (773) 279-2112, email:



Broadcast Schedule - Spring 2014
Please Note:  These programs are subject to change. **rev 4/17

PROGRAM #:   FST 14-01**rev4/7
RELEASE:   April 6, 2014

The Forgotten Music of Villa-Lobos
For all his fame, live performances of Heitor Villa-Lobos symphonies and piano concerti are extremely rare. Fiesta! revisits the sources of this amazing musical stream.

PROGRAM #:   FST 14-02**rev4/7
RELEASE:   April 13, 2014

Music for Holy Week
Featuring guest Musicologist Robert Kendrick University of Chicago Musicologist Robert Kendrick visits Fiesta! to present an overview of Spanish and Latin American music for the Holy Week.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-03
RELEASE:  April 20, 2014

An Argentine in Hollywood

The Music of Lalo Schiffrin or Boris Claudio Schriffrin discovered by Dizzy Gillespie in his first visit to Argentina, Lalo Schiffrin has become a landmark in movie music. From Mission Impossible to his many concerti, Fiesta! reviews the music of this prolific Argentine composer.

Lalo Schifrin:   Main Title to Mission: Impossible Then and Now (00:49) (Soundtrack from the TV Show) EMI
Lalo Schifrin:   Concierto Caribeño for Flute & Orchestra (24:51) (Marisa Canales, flute; London Symphony
                      Orchestra, Lalo Schifrin, conductor) Travelling 1033
Lalo Schifrin:   Continuum (04:13) (Ann Mason Stockton, harp) Crystal Records 171
Lalo Schifrin:   Trópicos mvts. 1- 5 (13:18) London Symphony Orchestra, Lalo Schifrin, conductor) Travelling 1033
Lalo Schifrin:   The Circular Ruins from Sauterelle Schifrin plays Schifrin (07:00) David Schifrin, clarinet) Aleph
                      Records 37
Lalo Schifrin:   Just Coffee, from the sound track to Bullit (00:59) iTunes

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-04
RELEASE: April 27, 2014

Saudades do Brazil
"Saudade" is a Portuguese term connoting "homesickness" and "nostalgia." Composers from different countries and eras have experienced this feeling after spending time in this magical nation.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-05
RELEASE:  May 4, 2014

The Best of the Latino Music Festival
Since 2008 WFMT has been recording every season of Chicago?s Latino Music Festival. Fiesta! will present an anthology of these concerts.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-06
RELEASE:  May 11, 2014

Dear Maestro…
Tributes from one composer to another have been a favorite practice since the Renaissance. In this program Fiesta! showcases delightful works dedicated to Heitor Villa-Lobos, Manuel de Falla and Claude Debussy, among others.

PROGRAM #:   FST 14-07 
RELEASE:  May 18, 2014

Music From The Latin American Music Center
The Latin American Music Center in the Jacob School of Music at Indiana University has the largest archive of recorded Latino Music - and the most extensive teaching program for Latin American Music - in the world. Here, Elbio Barilari and our guests, Carmen Telléz and Daniel Stein, wander through a few programs and performances of this fabulous school of music.

Carlos Gardel/adpt. Daniel Stein:  Lejana Tierra Mía Argentina (Yuriria Rodriguez, vocal; Daniel Stein, violin)
Moises Moleiro:  Joropo (Jasmin Arakawa, piano)
Carlos Vieco: Patasdilo (Traditional Pasillo) (Jorge Montilla, Jennifer Everhart, Salvador Oriola, clarinets)
Moises Simons: El Manisero (Son) (Jorge Montilla, Jennifer Everhart, Salvador Oriola, clarinets)
Miguel Matamoros:  Son De La Loma (Son Montuno) (Jorge Montilla, Jennifer Everhart, Salvador Oriola, clarinets)
Guido Sanchez-Portuguez:   Rapsodia En Bolero (based on: Noche inolvidable, Solamente Una vez, Sabor A Mi) (El
Taller and the IU Latin American Popular Music Ensemble)2+  `  ` `
Rafael Otero/arr. Guido Sanchez-Portuguez:  Ódiame (El Taller and the IU Latin American Popular Music
Ensemble)  Alfredo Rolando Otriz/arr.
Alfredo Rolando Ortiz:  Tu Ventana (El Taller and the IU Latin American Popular Music Ensemble)
Lisa Wallace/arr. Guido Sanchez-Portuguez: Benzinho Brazil/Choro (Bossa De Bloomington: Bugni-
Rasmussen-Wittman Jazz Trio) 13 Altos E Boixos (Bugni-Rasmussen-Wittman Jazz Trio)
Oscar Lorenzo Fernandez: Batuque (Simon Bolivar Symphony Orchestra of Venezuela; Keri-Lynn Wilson,

PROGRAM #: FST 14-08
RELEASE: May 25, 2014

Latino Composers in the US
There is a rich history and a brilliant present of Latino composers in the US. Fiesta! continues presenting the most well-known as well as talented young Latino composers working in the US.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-09
RELEASE:  June 1, 2014

The Best of the Latino Music Festival - Part 2
Chicago's Latino Music Festival is the largest festival on its kind. Since 2006, the Latino Music Festival has been presenting concert music from Latin America, Spain and Portugal. As one of the Festival's, WFMT has been recording most of its concerts. Join us for a new visit to these Ibero-American treasures, from the 16th to the 21st century.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-10
RELEASE:  June 8, 2014

Chamber Music from Three Latin American Composers
This program explores three intimate works: a string quartet, a sonata for clarinet and piano, and a work for a mixed ensemble.  These three special chamber works feature composers from Argentina, Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Hector Villa-Lobos:  String Quartet No.1 (Cuarteto Latinoamericano)
Carlos Gustavino:  Sonata para Clarinete y Piano (Patricia Shands, clarinet; Lydia Artymiw, piano)
Roberto Sierra:  Cancionero Sefardi (Judith Kellock, voice; William Helmers, clarinet; Lisa Fuller, violin; Scott
Tisdale, cello; Stephanie Jacob, piano; Jeani Muhonen Foster, flute; Mark Scatterday, conductor)

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-11
RELEASE: June 15, 2014

Latin American Piano
The history of Latin American piano starts in the 18th century, shows brilliant accomplishments in the 19th century and shines throughout the 20th and into the 21st century. Fiesta pays visit piano marvels by Camargo Guarnieri, Francisco Mignone and Leonardo Balada's monumental concerto.

PROGRAM #: FST 14-12
RELEASE:  June 22, 2014

Fareed Haque: Conversations with the Guitar
American guitar player and composer Fareed Haque defies all boundaries. Born from a Pakistani father and a Chilean mother, he incorporates both identities into his music, as well his education as a classical guitar player and his expertise on the jazz field.

PROGRAM #:  FST 14-13
RELEASE:  June 29, 2014

Exiles and Émigrés
Displacement due to political causes has been sadly common throughout history. By force or by choice composers (and other artists) have abandoned their homeland to become exiles or migrants in a different country. Fiesta! examines the cases of Manuel de Falla exile in Argentina, Paul Bowles lifelong affair with Spain and Latin America and Conlon Nancarrow becoming an American-Mexican composer.

PROGRAM #: FST 14-14
RELEASE:  July 6, 2014

The Choro Music of Brazil
"Choro is classical music played with bare feet and callus on the hands" - Aquiles Rique Reis, Brazilian singer.  Long before samba music became a Brazilian icon, the musicians of Brazil were gathering around a table with beer and nibbles playing Choro music.  Scholar and musician Julie Koidin introduces us to this urban music of the Fabvelas with recordings of Pixinguinha, Joaquim Callado, Carmen Miranda and Heitor Villa-Lobos.

Zequinha de Abreu:  Tico Tico no fuba (Carmen Miranda, voice) Harlequin Records 94
Joaquim Callado:   Flor Amorosa (Altamiro Carrilho, flute & clarinet) Private Collection
Choro: Zinha (Patapio Silva and his band) Revivendo M
Chyiquinha Gonzaga:   Bione (Maria Teresa Madera, piano) Private Collection
Radamés Gnattali:  Serenata no Joa (Radamés Gnattali Trio)
Heitor Villa-Lobos:  Choro Tipico (David Russell, guitar) iTunes
Edino Krieger:  Choro Mahoso (Alexandre Dossin, piano) A Touch of Brazil BGH
Jacob do Bandolim:  Reminiscencias (Jacob do Bandolim band) Private Collection
Pixinguinha:  Cariñoso (Elizeth Cardodo and Radames Gnatalli and orchestra)
Nilson Lombardi:   Ponteio No. 1 and 6 (Beatriz Balzi, piano)
Heitor Villa-Lobos:  Quinteto en forma de Choro (Quinteto Villa-Lobos) Kuarup Disco
Zequinha de Abreu:  Tico Tico no fuba (Paquito D'Rivera, clarinet) iTunes

PROGRAM #:   FST 14-15
RELEASE:  July 13, 2014

Rising Stars: Kaia String Quartet
Fiesta! features this exciting young string quartet. Listen to some tracks of their up-coming 1st CD and an interview with its members.