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Broadcast Schedule — Fall 2014/Winter 2015 

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-40
RELEASE:    October 1, 2014

The Arvo Pärt Foundation
Mystical Minimalist Arvo Pärt is one of the most significant composers in the 20th and 21st centuries, and in this program we’ll travel across the Baltic to Estonia to visit his musical homeland and talk with the people curating his music.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-41
RELEASE:    October 8, 2014

What is Wandelweiser?
Originally a German musical creation, Wandelweiser is a kind of extreme minimalism that is fast becoming popular with composers around the world. We talk with two of its creators, Jürg Frey and Eva-Maria Houben, about the phenomenal growth of this movement.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-42
RELEASE:    October 15, 2014

The Art of Spoken Word
It takes fine craftsmanship to achieve a perfect partnership between text and music in which neither element overshadows the other. This week, we’ll listen to a fascinating array of spoken word and music by composers striving to achieve this symmetry.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-43
RELEASE:    October 22, 2014

Haunted Landscapes: Music of George Crumb
Legendary composer George Crumb created a unique, haunting sound world that leaves an indelible impression upon anyone who hears it. The master turns 85 in October and we’ll celebrate with an entire show dedicated to his outlandish music.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-44
RELEASE:    October 29, 2014

Through the Grapevine
We’re having a ball trying to keep up with our ever-expanding musical collection as composers and performers around the world joyously overwhelm us with their creations. We’re consistently amazed by their level of talent and artistry, and are thrilled this week to share it with our listeners.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-45
RELEASE:    November 5, 2014

The Polish Legacy: Part I
We at Relevant Tones had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Wrocław, Poland to attend the storied World Music Days festival, where we met a wealth of Polish composers who are part of the living legacy of this vibrant cultural mecca. Next time on Relevant Tones, we’ll hear the first of a two-part series titled, In the Field: Poland.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-46
RELEASE:    November 12, 2014

The Polish Legacy: Part II
We at Relevant Tones had the fantastic opportunity to travel to Wrocław, Poland to attend the storied World Music Days festival, where we met a wealth of Polish composers who are part of the living legacy of this vibrant cultural mecca. Next time on Relevant Tones, we’ll hear the second of a two-part series titled, In the Field: Poland.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-47
RELEASE:    November 19, 2014

Payton MacDonald: Super Marimba
Percussionist Payton MacDonald calls Super Marimba the nexus point of all of his artistic activities. Featuring influences from jazz and classical to Hindustani and improvisational music, this is the marimba as you’ve never heard it before.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-48
RELEASE:    November 26, 2014

Composer Spotlight: Zhou Long
One of the first composers to graduate from the Beijing Conservatory upon its reopening after the Cultural Revolution and the winner of the 2011 Pulitzer Prize for his opera Madame White Snake, Zhou Long creates thoughtful, spiritually infused music that has resonated with audiences across the globe.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-49
RELEASE:    December 3, 2014

In the Field: Mizzou Part I
Fast becoming the go-to summer music festival in the Midwest, the concerts and workshops at the University of Missouri’s International Composers Festival are a sure-fire place to hear imaginative new music from emerging composers.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-50
RELEASE:    December 10, 2014

In the Field: Mizzou Part II
More music from the vibrant inferno of creative energy that is the Mizzou International Composers Festival, featuring Alarm Will Sound, exciting works by faculty composers and a bundle of premieres, concerts and workshops.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-51
RELEASE:    December 17, 2014

Journey into the Sacred: Modern Oratorios
Large-scale sacred works might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of contemporary music, but a number of important composers are creating expansive works inspired by their concept of a higher power.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 14-52
RELEASE:    December 24, 2014

Composers Among Us: Laura Schwendinger
Our popular series profiling emerging composers continues with Laura Schwendinger, an artist whose strongly personal style of music is filled with kinetic energy and slow-burning intensity.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-01
RELEASE:    December 31, 2014

Modern Day Moonlighters
Philip Glass is arguably the most famous plumber, mover and cab driver ever to work in New York. While not every example is that extreme, there are quite a few composers with day jobs – multitalented people that advocate for their fellow composers, write, work in radio or have a Ph.D in neuroscience. Tune in to listen to their works, and to find out what’s up with the elephants.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-02
RELEASE:    January 7, 2015

In the Field: Seoul Part I
Relevant Tones goes in the field to this hotbed of contemporary classical music, Seoul South Korea, to attend two major festivals of emerging and established composers. In part I we'll chat with the composers and feature live performances from the concerts to showcase the dynamic music scene there.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-03
RELEASE:    January 14, 2015

In the Field: Seoul Part II
The second part in our two-part series from Seoul will feature interviews with funders and organizers who are busily providing opportunities for living composers to flourish, and we'll feature more of the audio recorded from the two major festivals we attended.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-04
RELEASE:    January 21, 2015

Going Solo
There is perhaps no more intimate connection in music than when a composer writes a solo piece specifically for a gifted performer, crafting the piece for the player's specific strengths and musical tastes. We'll talk with several performers about solos that have been written for them and feature performances of the pieces recorded live in our Levin studio.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-05
RELEASE:    January 28, 2015

Composers Among Us: Robert Kritz
Composer Robert Kritz spent many years working in the corporate world by day and busily composing music into the wee hours of the night. A decision several years ago to show some of his pieces to professional composers was the occasion of great excitement and led to a flurry of public performances and commissions. We'll talk with Kritz about his unusual career path as a composer and feature live performances of several of his pieces by the musicians who support his work.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-06
RELEASE:    February 4, 2015

Composer Cosmology
As astrophysicists like Neil deGrasse Tyson learn more about the cosmos and present their often strange and wondrous findings to the public, the creative mind can't help but be captivated and inspired, and composers are certainly no exception. From super strings to quarks, multiple dimensions to M theory, we'll play several imaginative works by composers captivated by our universe.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-07
RELEASE:    February 11, 2015

Still Goldberg After All These Years
When harpsichordist Johann Gottlieb Goldberg asked Bach to write pieces for him to play to help a Saxon count get to sleep at night he could hardly have realized that he was playing a key role in creating music that would inspire audiences and musicians for centuries. Not only are the Goldberg Variations among the most frequently performed works today, they also continue to inspire composers to write new variations on the famous themes. We'll feature an incredible array of these this week on Relevant Tones.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-08
RELEASE:    February 18, 2015

CD Grab Bag
We're thrilled to receive hundreds of CDs a year from around the country as well as from far-flung corners of the globe. We listen to everything we receive and then feature an eclectic mix of music we think our listeners should hear from established labels to self-producing artists making their very first recording.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-09
RELEASE:    February 25, 2015

Visual Aids
We've always been fascinated here at Relevant Tones with how our perceptions of music change when it's paired with visual imagery. With that in mind we're asking several prominent visual artists to suggest imagery to a wide variety of different pieces by living composers. Relax, close your eyes and enjoy the view!

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-10
RELEASE:    March 4, 2015

We Ask Composers: What's In Your iPod?
We know composers spend a lot of time alone wrestling with their sonic muse but, when they're not composing what are they listening to? What music is currently inspiring them? How does it influence their own music? We'll ask established and emerging composers alike to tell us what's in their Ipod and why and then we'll play each piece in its entirety.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-11
RELEASE:    March 11, 2015

Out of Time
Ever since Ezra Pound's famous advice to young artists, "make it new!" there has been a relentless interest in breaking new ground in art and music. But what about composers who are genuinely inspired by older forms like fugues, rondos, capriccios, even rags? We'll feature music by these "composers out of time" this week on Relevant Tones.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-12
RELEASE:    March 18, 2015

Composer Spotlight: Ben Johnston
Acclaimed micro-tonal composer Ben Johnston is justifiably famous for his rigorous work ethic, attention to detail and for constructing a sound world entirely his own. One of the few composers using just intonation who is also interested in writing rhythmic music, Johnston is a true original and we're happy to shine the spotlight on this modern master.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-13
RELEASE:    March 25, 2015

Drum Kit: Problem Child
It's essentially just a conveniently placed grouping of popular percussion instruments and yet, the drum kit is often cited as the diving line between popular music and classical. We'll examine how composers are using the drum kit today and what impact it's having on genre boundaries.

PROGRAM #:   RLT 15-14
RELEASE:    April 1, 2015

Performer Champions
One of the best things that can happen to a composer is when a performer champions his work. Whether it's violinist Joseph Joachim playing Brahms, Leonard Bernstein programming Mahler or Peter Pears singing Benjamin Britten, the public often discovers new work of great value thanks to the commitment of a performer. Who are performers championing in the modern age? What great music is being heard thanks to their tireless efforts?

Broadcast Schedule — Spring/Summer 2014

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