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Bioneers Special

The Bioneers are proud to present a 1-hour special which will be available September 8, 2011,  free of charge to all stations.

Natural Magic: The Earth Hospitality Enterprise
"Natural Magic" is a new one-hour special from Bioneers Radio that explores the time-tested processes, relationships and recipes that have allowed life to flourish during 3.8 billion years of evolution. Our guides are scientific and social innovators known as "the bioneers." Luminaries featured include globally renowned biologist and educator David Suzuki, best selling author and environmental entrepreneur Paul Hawken, biomimicry master Janine Benyus, clean energy expert Amory Lovins and author and climate leader Bill Mckibben. They say the solutions to our environmental challenges are largely present - if we just ask nature. They herald a revolution from the heart of nature - and the human heart.
What life does is create conditions conducive to life. Scientists call it the "Gaia hypothesis"-the idea that the entire symphony of living things self-regulates the Earth's conditions to make the physical environment hospitable for them, just as our bodies know how to regulate themselves. Yet at this critical moment, for the first time in history, humanity has the capacity to destroy the conditions conducive to life on a global scale.

This 1-hour special is available on ContentDepot, CD, and also from the Bioneers' FTP site.

Web site:
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Password: bioneers2008
Both MP2 and MP3 formats available

For more information, please contact Kathy Gronau, or call 888-233-5650.