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From the city known for its hills, its cable cars, and its arbitrary parking laws, it’s Sedge Thomson’s West Coast Live.  It’s the most radio you can fit into two hours.  Music, fun and stimulating conversation effervesce from a stellar list of celebrity guests and a coterie of wise, witty regulars, produced live-to-satellite on Saturday mornings in front of San Francisco theatre audiences, and broadcast around the world.  West Coast Live raises ratings and lifts revenues (and your spirits!)


From the opening sounds of the Biospherically Enhanced Digital Optical Aquaphone (the what??) to the closing credits, West Coast Live wraps your imagination in the pictures only live radio can create.  Join us for Audience True Stories, the world’s top musicians, The Bagel Toss, the best and best-selling writers and authors, and the serendipity of your host Sedge Thomson, bringing his guests to new levels of wit and spontaneity.


Over the years, Sedge has distinguished West Coast Live from any other show on public radio by interviewing the most original, outrageous, and thought-provoking artists drawn firstly from the Pacific Rim and the Western United States, but also from further afield.  Our uniquely Western sensibility is conveyed not only by our guests, but by remote broadcasts from Yosemite to Alaska, and by the sound of Bay water lapping against the piers that begins each show.  Guests have included Pulitzer prize-winning author Michael Chabon, legendary beat poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti, comedian Robin Williams and SDMONA art director David Ross.  Other national and international figures include Gloria Steinem, members of Monty Python, Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein and magicians Penn & Teller.


Sedge is regarded as “one of the world’s most dangerous interviewers,” and it's being said that “being interviewed by Sedge is like inhabiting a stage with ‘a trained puma’”.  But we see Sedge as a gentle, empathic man with an unusual interview style: he actually listens to what his guests have to say.  They feel safe. The end result is an authentic, never predictable, usually astonishing conversation.  Just ask Pulitzer prize-winning author Studs Terkel!


Here is what is being said about West Coast Live:

“I don’t know why it took me so long to put West Coast Live on.”

            -  Major station honcho


“Sorry, we’d like to try you out, but you don’t understand, we’re the only public radio station in town, and we can’t afford to take risks.”

-  a PD no longer there


“Sedge is one of the riskiest interviewers around….you never know what he’s going to ask you.  He asks questions no one else asks.”

            -  Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle


“There is nobody better in the business at interviewing than you, Sedge.”

-  Steve Allen, Original Tonight Show Host


“A show in the tradition of Jack Benny and Arthur Godfrey.”

            -  Gerald Nachman, San Francisco Chronicle 


And, here are some more folks interviewed by Sedge: Steve Allen, Maya Angelou,  Beausoleil; Claire Bloom, T.C. Boyle, Frederic Chiu, Judy Collins, Alistair Cook, Iris Dement, Roger Ebert, James Ellroy, Bela Fleck, Rosie Flores, John Fowles, Michael Feldman, Allen Ginsberg, José Greco, Arlo Guthrie, Ben Harper, Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller), Garrison Keillor, Jamaica Kincaid, Dean Koontz, Kronos Quartet, Eartha Kitt, Taj Mahal, Molly O’Neill, Sara Paretsky, Ned Rorem, Dr. Oliver Sacks, Harry Shearer, Jean Stapleton, Richard Stoltzman, Calvin Trillin and Tobias Wolff, among many, many others.


For more information about Sedge Thomson’s West Coast Live, please do not hesitate to contact Case Conover

at (415) 433-9500x3 or e-mail:  The address for West Coast Live is: 2600 Tenth Street, Suite 411, Berkeley, CA 94710.  Why wait for this great program?  Call now!


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