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      Lang Lang: Dragon Songs

      Lang Lang: Dragon Songs

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      Producer: Jesse McQuarters

      Host: Louise Frank

      Underwriter: Deutsche Grammophon

      Lauded by audiences and critics alike for his exceptional technique and engaging personality, pianist Lang Lang continues to win hearts and souls worldwide with his brilliant and beautiful playing. This one-hour special explores the inimitable spirit that makes him so appealing, from his discovery of music as a child in China to his successes on concert stages around the world.

      In exclusive interviews, Lang Lang also demonstrates why he has been chosen as a cultural ambassador to the world, and how he continues to be an inspiration to people of all ages. Throughout, it is truly Lang Lang’s love of music, the piano and bringing joy to people around the world that guides him on his long journey home.

      Lang Lang takes us on a journey through his homeland, playing both the traditional and contemporary music of China with his new release Dragon Songs. This special discovers he unexplored richness of Chinese music, and how Lang Lang incorporates it into his own cosmopolitan view of music.