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The WFMT Sustainer program is the easiest and greenest way to enjoy the benefits of WFMT Fine Arts Circle Membership – and a great way to provide ongoing, reliable support for the excellent programming you love and value. As a WFMT Sustainer, your generous monthly commitment in support of the station will automatically renew your annual membership at whatever level you choose.

Join as a WFMT

Choose one of the WFMT Sustainer Memberships below:

$5 - Basic Membership ($60 per year)
$10 - Basic Membership ($120 per year)
$15 ($180 per year)
$30.5 - Dollar-a-Day ($365 per year)
$50 - ($600 per year)
$100 - ($1200 per year)
Custom Monthly Gift Amount


  • No renewal notices.
  • Uninterrupted membership! We’ll automatically send you a new WFMT Member Card each year.
  • An annual tax receipt each January, documenting cumulative gifts for the calendar year.
  • A thank-you gift each year, if you choose to receive one;
  • The Guide, the WFMT/WTTW member magazine, if you choose to receive it;
  • Access to our Sustainer Member Services number: (773) 279-2020, ext. 4 and e-mail address:;
  • The right to increase, decrease, or discontinue your Sustainer Membership at any time;
  • The satisfaction of knowing your monthly gift makes it possible for you, your family and friends, and everyone in our community to enjoy WFMT programming!


  • Q: What is a WFMT Sustainer?
  • A: Becoming a Sustainer means your monthly support will automatically renew every 12 months.
  • Q: Can I receive thank-you gifts?
  • A: Yes. When you become a WFMT Sustainer, you are eligible for thank-you gifts available at your level of giving. Every January you will be eligible to receive a thank-you gift as part of your Sustaining Membership.
  • Q: What if my credit card expires or changes?
  • A: If your credit card expires or changes, please call WFMT Sustaining Member Services at (773) 279-2020, ext. 4.
  • Q: How can I change or stop my monthly giving?
  • A: You can change or stop your sustaining gift any time. Please call WFMT Sustaining Member Services at (773) 279-2020, ext. 4.