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      98.7WFMT Presents New Web Streaming Service

      Superior audio quality, fresh content and new functions are launched at www.wfmt.com/streaming

      Chicago, IL Steve Robinson, Vice President for Radio and General Manager of 98.7WFMT and the WFMT Radio Network, today announced the deployment of a new, 24-hour Web-based streaming service for one of the nation's most influential classical radio stations. "WFMT became one of the first radio stations to initiate Web streaming, so we're pleased to announce significant enhancements to our existing service," said Robinson. "Our new service offers superior sound, uninterrupted service, and a Premium Online Library option that offers listeners the chance to hear some of the best programming from the WFMT Radio Network, on demand." The new audio stream will be available Friday, September 14 at www.wfmt.com/streaming.

      The enhanced service offers new choices for Windows and Mac operating systems:

      • PC users may access the stream using free WinAmp player software, which provides superior sound quality when coupled with WFMT's improved streaming signal, comparable to listening to a CD. The stream can also be accessed via Windows Media Player and provides excellent audio quality.
      • Mac users will be able to access the WFMT stream by using Windows Media Player 9, (or the Flip4Mac upgrade) or iTunes.

      Two audio formats will be distributed (the high quality AAC+ and the universal MP3) across a global network with the bandwidth capacity to ensure great listening, without interruption, worldwide.

      The redesigned streaming page (www.wfmt.com/streaming) offers step-by-step instructions designed to guide all users through the initial set-up. The on-demand Premium Library offerings, including an ever-expanding selection of documentaries, series and specials from the WFMT Radio Network, are available for a modest fee and accessible by all users.

      "No matter where you are in the world, WFMT is your local classical and fine arts radio station," says Program Director Peter Whorf. "We're pleased to be able to offer our Chicago, national, and international listeners this sonically exciting service."

      About 98.7WFMT
      98.7WFMT, Chicago's Classical Experience, provides the best and broadest selection of classical music and fine arts programming heard in the country. A broadcasting force for more than 55 years, the station's appeal continues to widen. 98.7WFMT is currently serving the largest audience in its history.

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