Listen to the one Cuban singer that Omara Portuondo of Buena Vista Social Club wants everyone to hear

Omara Portuondo Performer Omara Portuondo is perhaps best known for her work with the Buena Vista Social Club, a Cuban musical group that became an international sensation in the 1990s. An Academy Award-nominated documentary film, The Buena Vista Social Club, helped to introduce the music of Cuba and Portuondo’s [...]

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Stream Music by Cuba’s Greatest Composers

Three cajón players partake in Cajón de Muertos, a Santería ceremony, in Havana, Cuba. Explore music of Cuba’s greatest composers, past and present, as KAIA String Quartet takes you on a musical journey throughout Latin America. KAIA, WFMT’s first ensemble in residence, will share the music of Cuba weekdays from June 26-30 [...]

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