Saturdays at 8:00 pm

Musical Gems | Live from WFMT’s Fay and Daniel Levin Performance Studio

Folkstage is a one-hour concert featuring some of the best traditional and singer-songwriter talent in folk music. Each year, 26 concerts are broadcast live before a studio audience. The remaining 26 come from 45 years of archival performances, including broadcasts from the Old Town School of Folk Music.

The series is listener-funded and made possible in part by Peter and Nancy Clark, Andy and Becky Anderson, an Anonymous Family Foundation, and the members of the WFMT Fine Arts Circle.

Visit the Folkstage website.

If you missed a Folkstage broadcast, you may listen online to the four most recent Folkstage concerts by becoming a WFMT Fine Arts Circle Member at the $40 level. For more information, visit the WFMT Premium web page.