Genre: Music, Classical, Contemporary
Length: 59 minutes
Frequency: 52 weeks
Delivery Type: PRX and CD
Optional Breaks: One
Segment Count: 2 segments
Air Window: January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015

Host: Seth Boustead
Producer: Sarah Zwinklis

Relevant Tones, a weekly exploration of the most fascinating time in classical music history: right now. From up-and-coming firebrands to established artists, this series features music and in-person interviews from the hottest festivals around the world, celebrates the major figures shaping classical music today, spots emerging trends, shines a light on lesser known but fascinating composers, and features music recorded in dynamic live broadcasts.

Host, composer and Executive Director of Access Contemporary Music, Seth Boustead brings an informative but engagingly down-to-earth presentation that provides a context for the music and connects with listeners of all ages to present classical music as a diverse art form with a storied history that is alive and thriving in the 21st century.

With its informative, yet engagingly down-to-earth presentation, Relevant Tones seeks to make contemporary music accessible to diehard classical music fans while attracting new and younger listeners. Seth Boustead draws from the entire classical music canon to put modern-day compositions in context, exploring the social and musical influences on their creation. Guest appearances by composers and performers are a vital part of the program, offering a first-person perspective that gives insight and depth to their art form and its creation.

Since launching in July 2011 on 98.7 WFMT in Chicago, Relevant Tones has garnered significant praise from critics and listeners alike. named it one of the best shows in the world for new classical music, says that it is “changing the way audiences experience modern music.” Listener response has been equally positive, with fans praising Boustead’s “invigorating selections,” “enlightening commentary” and hailing the show as a “long-overdue addition” of new music to the station’s programming. Relevant Tones is broadcast in markets throughout the United States and internationally through the WFMT Radio Network.

This series is available free of charge to all stations as of December 31, 2015. If you have any questions or for more information, please contact Tony Macaluso at (773) 279-2114, email:  Estlin Usher at (773) 279-2112, email:, or  David Sims at (773) 279-2027, email: