Code: CHR16
Genre: World Music, Jazz, Classical
Length: 1 hour (58:30)
Frequency: 4 weeks
Delivery Type: PRX and CD
Optional Breaks: One
Segment Count: 2 segments
Air Window: July 5, 2016 – July 4, 2017

Host: Julie Koidin
Co-host: Geraldo de Oliveira
Producer: Silvester Vicic
Executive Producers: Tony Macaluso & Steve Robinson

Creative Producer & Researcher: Julie Koidin
Managing Producer: Heather McDougall
Recording Engineer: Mary Mazurek

Underwriters: This program is supported by generous grants from the Richard H. Driehaus Foundation and the Reva and David Logan Foundation as well as private donations.

Additional Acknowledgement: Special thanks to The Musical Offering, Evanston’s own community music school and home to the Chicago Choro Club.

Contact Information:
Estlin Usher: 773-279-2112,
David Sims: 773-279-2027,
Tony Macaluso: 773-279-2114,

This series is available free of charge to all affiliate stations for one broadcast between July 5, 2016 and July 4, 2017.

A Joyful Cry: Brazil’s Choro Music (pronounced SHOH-roh) is a four-part, one-hour series about a unique, exciting and virtuosic musical style – all the way from Brazil. The word choro comes from the word “cry,” yet, it’s some of the happiest and most energetic music one could ever hear. From its beginnings in the late 1860s, choro truly showcases the incredible artistry of the musicians who play it. Its distinctive rhythm and catchy melodies could only come from Brazil. While it’s a genre with its own vitality and character, choro does also have rich connections to classical and jazz, which we explore throughout the series.  As many set their sights on the country and its 2016 Summer Olympic celebrations, A Joyful Cry reminds us that an airplane ticket isn’t necessary to feel and hear the vibe of a Rio night!

In Program 1, host Julie Koidin and co-host Geraldo de Oliveira introduce you to choro’s origins in the late 19th century and its development to the present day, through tasteful use of historic recordings and some of the stories associated with the music itself.  In Program 2, you’ll learn how classical musicians like Heitor Villa Lobos got their start playing choro – sneaking out of the house late at night to perform! Names like Pixinguinha and Jaco will become familiar as we highlight their music and the performers playing it– Joel, Ze da Velha, Camerata Carioca and more. Program 3 highlights choro’s finest brass and woodwind musicians and Program 4 introduces the great string players  – with a big focus on the mandolin, guitar (both 6 and 7 string) and the cavaquinho (a Brazilian ukulele).

We’ll also hear from the musicians themselves, drawn from the interviews Julie Koidin has done over the last two decade during her travels around Brazil and which have been featured in her book, Choro Conversations: Pursuing Life, Love and Brazil’s Musical Identity (2013) . They talk about the art of choro and how for them, it is the most Brazilian of all music.

The series is produced by Silvester Vicic, and hosted by Julie Koidin (KOY-dinn) with co-host Geraldo de Oliveira (zheh-RAHL-doh jee OH-lee-vair-ah).

Special thanks to the individuals below for making this program possible.

“Pixinguinha Level” Donors ($5,000 and more)

Richard H. Driehaus Foundation

Reva and David Logan Foundation


“Altamiro Carrilho Level” Donor ($1,000-$2,000 gift)

Elza Dalarossa


“Chiquinha Gonzaga Level” Donor ($500-$1000 gift)

Beatrice Koidin


“Zequinha de Abreu Level” Donor ($150-$499 gift)

Chris de Brauw

David Chelimsky

Jan Hertberg
The Honig Family

David Isenberg

Miguel Kertsman

Jubal Music, Inc.

Nutritional Innovations

Michael and Cynthia Rigsby
Ken Rubin

Warren and Patricia Snyder

Peter Webster


“Ernesto Nazareth Level” Donor (gifts to $149)

Badi Assad

Clarice Assad

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