The Midnight Special : June 5, 1999

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June 5, 1999
Monty Python : The
Midnight Special
WFMT private collection
Lead Belly : The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
Original Broadway Cast : Comedy Tonight (S. Sondheim) A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum Angel ZDM 64770
Woody Allen : Moose Standup Comic RHINO R2 75721
Christine Lavin : What Was I Thinking? Live At the Cactus Café:
What Was I Thinking?
Magpie : Give Light Give Light SLICED BREAD CD SB71185
Tommy Makem : The Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers) WFMT private tape
Original Broadway Cast : Too Darn Hot (Cole Porter) Kiss Me, Kate Angel ZDM 7 64760 2
Les Barker : Spot of the Antarctic A Cardi and Bloke Mrs Ackroyd DOG 011
Susan Piper : Bagels With Angels New on the Planet SLICED BREAD SB71150
Christine Lavin : The Kind of Love You Never Recover From Attainable Love PHILO PH 1132
Sally Fingerett & Dan Green : I Love You (C. Lavin) Big League Babe: Christine Lavin Tribute Album Pt. 2 1 800 PRIME CD PCD 39
Grit Laskin : Soft and Round A Few Simple Words Borealis BCD 001
Severn Darden : Metaphysics Lecture The Sound of My Own Voice Mercury OCM 2202
Lou & Peter Berryman Have You Heard About the Heat? Some Kinda Funny Corn Belt CR 11 :
Billy Connolly : A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight Atlantic Bridge Polydor 2383 419
Les Barker : Go, Stay, and Fetch Up the Creek Without a Poodle Mrs Ackroyd DOG 012
Magpie : Water, Fire & Smoke (B. Rose) Give Light SLICED BREAD CD SB71185
Yuri Rasovsky : The Chicago Language Tape The Chicago Language Tape NRT-7901
Anita Silvert : All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act
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