The Midnight Special : April 15, 2000

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April 15, 2000
Lead Belly : The Midnight Special Last Sessions SMITHSONIAN FOLKWAYS SFCD-40068/71
Judy Collins : Song For Judith (Open the Door) Living ELEKTRA 75014-2
Cathie Ryan : Love and Freedom (Mary Brooksbank) The Music of What Happens SHANACHIE 78024
Liz Carroll : The Golden Legs (Carroll) / The Flogging Reel (trad) Lost In the Loop GREEN LINNET GLCD 1199
Cormac McCarthy : Marigold Hall Picture Gallery Blues GREEN LINNET GLCD 2122
Rosenberg 7 : My Wedding Day (trad/arr.Sven Ahlback) R7 NORTHSIDE RECORDS NSD6031 (530 N. 3rd St., Minneapolis, MN 55401)
Boot : Ebba’s Wedding Polska (O.Backstrom/T.Mattsson) Virvla NORTHSIDE RECORDS NSD6039
Judy Collins : Prothalamium Whales & Nightingales ELEKTRA 75010-2
Woody Allen : My Marriage Standup Comic RHINO R2 75721
Mirais & Miranda : Henrietta’s Wedding (trad/arr.M&M) In Person Decca DL 9026
Vern Smelser : The Young Man Who Wouldn’t Hoe Corn (trad) Ballads and Songs of Tradition (recorded by Lee Haggerty) FOLK LEGACY CD-125
Dave Thompson : The House Carpenter (trad) Ballads and Songs of Tradition (recorded by Lee Haggerty) FOLK LEGACY CD-125
Frank Proffitt : Going Across the Mountain (Proffitt) Frank Proffitt FOLK LEGACY FAS-1
Susan McKeown & The Chanting House : Albatross Bones 1 800 PRIME CD PCD027
Roberts & Barrand : The Albatross (Malvina Reynolds) Mellow With Ale From The Horn Front Hall FHR-04
Judy Collins : Albatross Colors of the Day ELEKTRA 75030-2
Tom Nathan & Betty Druckenmiller : ‘Til the Clouds Roll By (trad) Wait Till the Clouds Roll By Little Cat 005
Mark Schatz : Movin’ Out Brand New Old-Tyme Way ROUNDER 0342
Skaggs & Rice : Will the Roses Bloom (L&J Bevins) Will the Roses Bloom SUGAR HILL SHCD 3711
Salamander Crossing : Put the Weight On Me (Jeff Kliner) Bottleneck Dreams SIGNATURE SOUNDS 1244
Still on the Hill : These Two Arms (Donna Henschell) Still Pingleblobber 0001
Don Walser : Cowpoke (Stan Jones) Rolling Stone From Texas Watermelon 1028
Sourdough Slim : The Yodeling Cowboy (Slim Crowder) Ridin’ High Singin’ a Song Roundup 103
Dave Stamey : Buckaroo Moon Buckaroo Moon Horse Camp 065803
Don Edwards : The Master’s Call (Marty Robbins) Songs of the Trail WARNER WESTERN 9 26935-2
Sons of the San Joaquin : Timber Trail (Tim Spencer) A Cowboy Has To Sing WARNER WESTERN 9 26935-2
Jon Sholle : Catfish For Supper (trad/arr.Sholle) Catfish For Supper ROUNDER 3026
John McCutcheon : Barefoot Boy With Boots On (Asa Martin) Barefoot Boy With Boots On ROUNDER 0419
Tim O’Brien : A Mountaineer Is Always Free (O’Brien/Pierce Pettis) A Mountaineer Is Always Free Alula 1014
70/1/rounder/catalog/byartist/b/blake_norman_nancy” target=”_top”>Norman Blake : Dusty Rose Original Underground Music From the Mysterious South ROUNDER 0166
Feast or Famine : Brecon Beacon (Richard Ruane) Brecon Beacon Fretless 159
Guy Clark : South Coast of Texas Keepers SUGAR HILL SHCD-1055
Jeff Warner & Jeff Davis : Black Ball Line (trad) Days of Forty-Nine Minstrel JD-206
Killen-Warner-Warner-Benson : Rolling Down To Old Maui (trad) Steady As She Goes Collector 1928
Tanglefoot : One More Night (Joe Grant/Elizabeth Szekeres) One More Night BOREALIS 115
Old Blind Dogs : Barnyards of Delgaty Tall Tales Lochshore 1220
The Iron Horse : The 8-Step Waltz (Dave Shepherd) Five Hands High Lochshore 1214
Mac Umba : Moonshine (Iain MacDonald/trad) Don’t Hold Your Breath Greentrax 113
La Bottine Souriante : The Three Horsemen (trad) Rock & Reel EMI Hemisphere 8474462
Loituma : Leva’s Polka (trad/Eino Kettunen) Things of Beauty NORTHSIDE RECORDS 6010
Si Kahn : People Like You In My Heart PHILO CDPH 1169
Judy Collins : In My Life (Lennon/McCartney) In My Life ELEKTRA 74027-2
Fred Holstein : For All the Good People (Ken Hicks) For All the Good People Holstein 001
Anita Silvert : All Roads Converge Midwest Girl Balancing Act BAM-003 P.O. Box 512, Yardley, PA 19067 (215-369-0220) or email