WARNING: You Can’t Unsee This Creepy Yet Fascinating Video of the Human Voice in Action

By Stephen Raskauskas |

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The human voice is no doubt one of the most fascinating musical instruments. Some aspects of vocal production might be a mystery to you. Unlike most instruments, where we can see what might be vibrating to produce sound or at least mechanisms that alter the sound, the majority of the voice’s moving parts are completely hidden.

But thanks to fiberoptic laryngoscopy, you can see exactly what your vocal cords are doing when you sing. In the video below, posted by @medics007 on Facebook, observe singers Carina Aronsson, Carl Slettengren, Linda Öhlin, and Gustav Nordlander perform a work by Tomás Luis de Victoria – from the inside!

After a laryngoscope is inserted through the noses of each of the four singers, you get a clear view of the inner workings of their vocal mechanisms. Once the singers take some deep breaths, they join together in a performance you won’t soon forget.