In Their Own Words — Inspiring and evocative quotes from classical artists who died in 2018

By Candice Agree |

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2018 was a year of great loss in the worlds of classical music and the arts. As we reflect on the year gone by, WFMT salutes the contributions of artists who died this past year. We commemorate and celebrate the lives of these artists by allowing them to speak directly to us.

Montserrat CaballéGlenn BrancaRobert MannGeorge WalkerMichael TreeJesús López CobosRubén D’Artagnan GonzálezHuguette TourangeauHarold FarbermanAretha Franklin

We Also Remember

Dilbar Abdurahmonova

Dilbar Abdurahmonova, Uzbek conductor, violinist and teacher, 81

José Antonio Abreu, Venezuelan economist and founder of El Sistema, 78

Graciela Agudelo, Mexican pianist and composer, 72

Josette Alviset, French arts administrator, music educator, musician, and past director of the Musée de l'Opéra de Vichy, 80

Levine Andrade, India-born British violinist and founding member of the Arditti Quartet, 64

Ronald Arnatt, British-born choirmaster, organist, composer, and pedagogue, 88

Nina Beilina, Russian-born violinist resident in the USA, 81

Luigi Alberto Bianchi, Italian violinist and violist, 73

Ed Birdwell, American music and arts administrator and former French horn player, 81

Maruska Blyszczak, Australian opera wardrobe designer, 75

Kenneth Bowen, Welsh tenor, 86

Caroline Brown, British cellist and founder of the Hanover Band, 64

Colin Brumby at work in 1967 (Credit: The University of Queensland Archives)

Colin Brumby, Australian composer, 84

Anshel Brusilow, American violinist, conductor, and educator, 89

Blanche Burton-Lyles, American pianist and curator of the legacy of Marian Anderson, 85

Robert Capanna, American music administrator and composer, 65

Tito Capobianco, Argentine opera director and administrator resident in the United States, 87

Felix Chen, Taiwanese conductor, 75

Kristine Ciesinski

Kristine Ciesinski, American soprano, 65

Juan Hidalgo Codorniu, Spanish composer and artist, 90

Arthur Davies, British tenor, 77

Philip De Groote, South African-born cellist and founding member of the Chilingirian Quartet, 68

David DiChiera, American opera administrator and founder of Michigan Opera Theater, 83

Paul Lustig Dunkel, American flutist and conductor, 74

Walther Dürr, German music scholar and specialist in the music of Franz Schubert, 85

Peter Evans, British music scholar and expert on the music of Benjamin Britten, 88

Renaud Gagneux, French composer, 70

Richard Gill, Australian conductor and pedagogue, 76

Leonid Gotman, Russian-born American orchestral violinist, 66

Richard and Mary L. Gray visit WFMT’s music library named in their honor.

Richard Gray, Art dealer, architecture and library preservationist, and longtime supporter and member of the Board of Trustees of WTTW and WFMT, 89. WFMT’s music library is named for him and his wife.

Enoch zu Guttenberg, German conductor, 71

Charles Hamlen, American classical music artist manager and charity official, 75

Raimund Herincx, British baritone, 90

Randolph Hokanson, American pianist and university teacher, 103

Katherine Hoover

Katherine Hoover, American composer and flutist, 80

Alfred Hubay, American opera house administrative staff member, 93

Richard Hundley, US pianist and composer, 86

Mary Ellen Hutton, American classical music critic and journalist for the Cincinnati Post, 77

Peter Jansen, Dutch orchestral double bass player, 71

Jóhann Jóhannsson (Photo: Jónatan Grétarsson)

Jóhann Jóhannsson, Icelandic composer, 48

Patrick Kavanaugh, composer, conductor and author, 63

Piet Kee, Dutch organist and composer, 90

Milko Kelemen, Croatian composer, 93

Brian Kellow, American writer, journalist and editor, 59

Hyun-Woo Kim, Korean-born American orchestral violinist, 65

Oliver Knussen (Photo: Mark Allan/BBC)

Oliver Knussen (Photo: Mark Allan/BBC)

Oliver Knussen, British composer and conductor, 66

Takehisa Kosugi, Japanese composer, 80

Hermann Krebbers, Dutch violinist and former concertmaster of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam, 94

Otomar Kvěch, Czech composer, 67

Lee Lamont, American artist manager, 86

Peter Lloyd, British orchestral flutist, 86

Jean-Claude Malgoire, French conductor, 77

James Mallinson, British classical recording engineer, 75

Matt Marks

Matt Marks, American composer and French horn player, and founding member of Alarm Will Sound, 38

Andrew Massey, British-born American conductor, 72

J.D. McClatchy, American poet and opera librettist, 72

László Melis, Hungarian composer and violinist, 64

Virgilijus Noreika, Lithuanian opera singer, 82

John Oliver, American choral conductor and founder of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, 75

Mati Palm, Estonian bass-baritone, 78

Günter Piesk, German orchestral bassoonist, 97

Pierre Pincemaille

Pierre Pincemaille, French organist, 61

Katia Popov, Bulgarian-born American orchestral violinist, 50

Robert Rattray, British-born opera house administrator and musicians' agent, 67

Lívia Rév, Hungarian concert pianist, 101

Glen Roven, American composer and musical theatre conductor, 61

Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Russian conductor, 87

Lydia Walton Ignacio Russo, Filipina-American pianist and pedagogue, 87

Dieter Schnebel, German composer, 88

Claudio Scimone, Italian conductor and founder of I Solisti Veneti, 84

Michel Sénéchal, French tenor, 91

Milan Škampa, Czech violist and past member of the Smetana Quartet, 89

Michael Stairs, American organist and music instructor, 72

Jonathan Sternberg, American conductor and music professor, 98

Alan Stout, American composer and Northwestern University music professor, 85

Rebecca Tyree (Source: Virginia Commonwealth University)

Rebecca Tyree, American choral conductor and music educator, 62

Reinhard Ulbricht, German orchestral violinist and music professor, 90

Daniel Webster, American classical music critic and journalist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, 86

Wanda Wiłkomirska

Wanda Wiłkomirska, Polish violinist and violin pedagogue, 89

Olly Wilson, American composer, 80

Sheng Zhongguo, Chinese violinist, 77

Gustav Zimmermann, German orchestral violinist, 85

Wolfgang Zuckermann, German-born American harpsichord maker, 96