Haydn: Piano Sonata – Kristian Bezuidenhout

February 19, 2019, 9:00 am

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A few years after a complete recording of Mozart’s solo piano works that has come to be regarded as a benchmark, Kristian Bezuidenhout turns his keen musical talents to Haydn, the other towering figure of the Viennese Classical keyboard repertory. The pianist described the project, saying, ”Preparing for this recording has been a vivid reminder that it is remarkably difficult to play Haydn’s music well, but that with enough care, and attention to detail, his music has the potential to come jumping from the page. It would be hubris to suggest that I am even close to unlocking any of its secrets, but I am so humbled by the sheer beauty, humanity, wit, and delightful irony of this music, that the desire to continue is irresistible.”