Enescu, Georges

March 16, 2020, 7:00 pm

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Georges Enesco’s family was steeped in the rich folklore and oral traditions of Romania. When he was just a young boy, his parents hired a gypsy violinist to teach him the violin by ear— note by note, phrase by phrase. And by the age of seven, Enesco was sent to the Vienna Conservatory to formalize his musical studies. Enesco as a mature musician traveled the world, never forgetting his Romanian roots. Romanian folk tunes were woven throughout his music, and his creative, warm, and giving musicianship was treasured by all. Come join Bill as we listen to Enesco’s story, hear his music, and watch him pass the torch to the young Yehudi Menuhin.


Episode 1

Traditional: Căntă puiul cucului
Patrick Kersalé, pan flute & Claude Aylestock, piano
Folk Songs of Central Europe for Pan Flute

Anton Pann: Tatal Nostru
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Ion Marin, c.
Angela Gheorghiu, s.
London 4661022

D.G.Kiriac: “Pe carare sub un brad”- “Path Under A tree”
Corul Madrigal – Bijuterii Corale Romanesti II

Enescu: Ballade For Violin And Orchestra, Op.4a
Romanian National Radio Orchestra/Horia Andreescu, c.
Cristina Angheiescu, vln.
Olympia 496

Enescu: Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 in A, Op. 11
RCA Symphony Orchestra/Leopold Stokowski
Bella Voce 107.235

Traditional: Am un leu
Centrale pour flûte de pan (Folk Songs of Central Europe for Pan Flute)
Patrick Kersalé, Bernard Darmon & Claude Aylestock

Enescu: Sept Chansons de Clément Marot, op.15
“Present de couleur blanche”
“Changeons propos, c’est trop chanté d’amours”
Sarah Walker, s. Roger Vignoles, p.
Unicorn 2078

Enescu:Study Symphony No.1 in D min.
III Scherzo; IV Allegro Con Fuoco
Romanian National Radio Orchestra, Horia Andreescu
Olympia 496

Hommage à Anton Pann
Peo Alfonsi, Fausto Beccalossi, Salvatore Maiore

Episode 2

Bach: Violin Partita No. 2 in D minor, BWV 1004
I. Allemanda; II. Corrente; III. Sarabande
George Enescu, violin
Warner Classics 552121

Enescu: Octet, Op. 7
ll. Très Fougueux; lll. Lentement
Kremerata Baltica, Gidon Kremer, vln
Nonesuch 79682

Enescu: Concert Piece
Cynthia Phelps, vla; Judith Gordon, pf
Cala 0510

Enescu: Rumänische Rhapsodie, Op. 11 Nr. 2, D-Dur
BBC Philharmonic Orchestra/Rozhdestvensky, c.
Chan 9537

Episode 3

Enesco: Piano Suite No. 2 in D Major, Op. 10 “Des cloches sonores”
I. Toccata; IV. Bourrée
Raluca Stirbat
Hänssler Classic 98060

Enescu: Symphonie concertante in B-Flat Major, Op. 8
Assez lent
Tampere Filharmonia/Hannu Lintu, c.
Truls Mørk, cello

Enescu: Légende
Wynton Marsalis, trp. Judith Lynn Stillman, pn.
Sony 47193

George Enescu: Symphony No. 2 In A Major, Op. 17
l. Vivace, Ma Non Troppo
George Enesco State Philharmonic Bucharest Orchestra/Horia Andreescu, c.
Marco Polo 8.223142

Episode 4

Georges Enescu: Sonata no.3 in Am (dans le caractere populaire roumain)
Ⅰ. Ⅱ. Ⅲ.
Yehudi Menuhin, vln. Hephzibah Menuhin, pn.
Biddulph 66

Enescu: Impressions d’Enfance op. 28
IV. The Bird In The Cage And The Cuckoo On The Wall
V. Lullaby, VI. Cricket,VII. Moonlight Through The Windows
VIII. Wind In The Chimney, IX. Storm Outside, At Night,X. Sunrise
Gidon Kremer, vln. Oleg Maisenberg, pn.
Teldec 13597
7:02; 6:36

Johann Sebastian Bach: Double Concerto in D minor BWV 1043
I. Vivace; II. Largo ma non tanto
Orchestre Symphonique De Paris/Pierre Monteux, c.
George Enesco, vln. Yehudi Menuhin, vln.
Warner Classics 552121

Episode 5

Piano Suite No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 3 “Dans le style ancien”:
IV. Finale. Presto II. Fugue. Allegro moderato (excerpt) Raluca Stirbat, pn.
Hänssler Classic 98060
1:23; 305
Georges Enescu: Piano Quintet, Op. 29:
1. Con Moto Molto Moderato The Solomon Ensemble Naxos 8.557159
Georges Enescu: Piano Quartet No. 2, Op. 30
2.Andante Pensieroso Ed Espressivo The Solomon Ensemble
Naxos 8.557159
Oedipe – Tragédie Lyrique En 4 Actes Et 6 Tableaux Op.23 Acte I (Prologue) : Prélude
Acte I (Prologue) : Roi Laïos
Acte I (Prologue) : Thèbes, Chante, Des Sept Portes Acte I (Prologue) : Enfant Divin, Royal Enfant

Acte IV : Oedipe !
Acte IV : Adieu, Douce Antigone, Adieu
Orchestre Philharmonic De Monte Carlo/Lawrence Foster, C. Cast: Jose van Damm, Barbara Hendricks,
Brigitte Fassbaender, Marjana Lipovsek EMI 48275
13:14; 12:32
Romanian Doyne: Abe Schwartz (1881–1963), b. Bucharest, 4 of 10 3:51 Eternal Echoes Orchestra & The Klezmer Conservatory Band
Itzhak Perlman, vln. Sony 542006