Les Barricades – Thomas Dunford, Jean Rondeau

June 9, 2020, 9:00 am

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Harpsichordist Jean Rondeau is joined by Thomas Dunford on lute to explore the music from the court at Versailles during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV. The album also features mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre, baritone Marc Maullion, and Myriam Rignol on viola da gamba. Rondeau says, “Both of us have grown up with this music from the cradle of our earliest infancy. It is music that allowed us to become what we are, while at the same time encouraging us to question things constantly. Our playing goes far beyond dialogue: for us, it is not about responding to each other so much as it is about questioning and inviting our listeners to join us in this exploration with no answer or resolution.”