The Midnight Special, July 11, 2020

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  1. Lead Belly: The Midnight Special (theme)
    Last Sessions Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71
  2. (Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street:
    Smile Again (T.Byrd) Love Circles ‘Round self 25479-97592
  3. Julie and John Pennell:
    Blue Skies (Irving Berlin) Keep On Walkin’ JPE 0003
  4. Ellis Delaney:
    Pie for Breakfast Ordinary Love Singing Crow 89577-78202
  5. Lara Herscovitch:
    Shine Sister Shine Highway Philosophers La Rama 2007
  6. Eric Andersen:
    Violets of Dawn Woodstock Under the Stars Y&T 17
  7. Lisa Bigwood:
    In This Town (private recording)
  8. Pharis and Jason Romero:
    Hometown Blues (P.Romero) Bet on Love Lula 2006
  9. Sarah Jarosz: Hometown
    World on the Ground Rounder 11661-00913
  10. David Mallett:
    This Town Vanguard 79466
  11. Michael Braunfeld:
    This Town Full Circle self 88295-23392
  12. (David) Mitchell & (Robert) Webb: Train Stops That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series 5
    BBC Audio
  13. Reginald Gardiner: Trains Time to Remember – The Classic Years: 1934
    CollectorDirect 1699
  14. Brooks Williams:
    Jump That Train Work My Claim Red Guitar Blue Music 2020
  15. Eric Brace & Last Train Home: Taking Trains Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows
    Red Beet 0025
  16. Zahra Glenda Baker and Michael J. Miles:
    Enough (M.J.Miles) Which Side Are You On? Right Turn on Red 00261-48193
  17. Grace Pettis:
    White Noise (Mpress single)
  18. Danny Schmidt:
    Black and Blue (private single)
  19. Ruthie Foster Big Band: Woke Up This Morning
    (trad,adapt Rev. Osby of Aurora,IL, Robert Zellner) Live at the Paramount Blue Corn 2001
  20. Crys Matthews: We Must Be Free
    (Roberta Slavit-C.Matthews) Battle Hymn for an Arm of Lovers self 00261-45860
  21. Ragtime (orig.B’way cast-Brian Stokes Mitchell): Make Them Hear You
    (Stephen Faherty/Lynn Ahrens) RCA Victor 09026-68629-2
  22. Sierra Hull: Everybody’s Talking
    25 Trips Rounder 11661-00579
  23. Fred Neil:
    Everybody’s Talkin’ Capitol 294
  24. My Fair Lady (orig.B’way cast-Rex Harrison-Julie Andrews): The Rain in Spain
    (Frederick Loewe/Alan J. Lerner) Columbia Legacy 60539
  25. Betty Elders:
    The Quiet Peaceful Existence Whistling Pig 1217
  26. Hayley Sabella:
    Sorrow:Joy Flew the Nest self 195079-334634
  27. Indigo Girls (Amy Ray & Emily Saliers):
    Sorrow and Joy Look Long Rounder 11661-00867
  28. Terri Hendrix:
    Joy or Sorrow (T.Hendrix-Lloyd Maines) Places in Between Wilory 30003
  29. Tret Fure:
    Too Far, Too Fast (single, private release)
  30. Watkins Family Hour (Sara & Sean Watkins):
    The Cure Brother Sister self 002
  31. Dear World (orig.B’way cast-Angela Lansbury): Dear World (Jerry Herman)
    Columbia 48220
  32. Ronny Cox w/ Radoslav Lorkovic:
    Quintanaroo (R.Cox-Wendy Waldman) Live at the Kitchen Sink self no#
  33. Bianca DeLeon: Nowhere Mexico
    The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita self 05996-8067-2
  34. Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: South Coast
    (Lillian Bos Ross, Red House 59
  35. Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Ravens
    The World of Pete & Dud Laughing Stock 110
  36. Carrie Newcomer:
    Impossible, Until It’s Not The Point of Arrival Available Light 05
  37. Dave Van Ronk w/ The Hudson Dusters: Swing on a Star
    (J.Burke-J.Van Huesen) A Crestomathy Gazelle 2007/8
  38. Amy White w/ Al Petteway: The Best Dog
    Home Sweet Home Fairewood 051
  39. Teghan Devon:
    Little Lion (Teghan Devon Himelfarb) self 88295-99119
  40. Donna Adler:
    Rainbow Bridge Remembering Butterflies self 00261-48243
  41. Pete Morton:
    I Live Your Love A Golden Thread Further 003
  42. Storyhill (Chris Cunningham & John Hermanson):
    I Am a Lover Where to Begin self 1914
  43. Ellie Grace:
    On the Side of Love self 00261-47941
  44. (Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street:
    May the Light Shine Bright on You (T.Byrd) Love Circles ‘Round self 25479-97592
  45. Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie:
    When I’m Gone (close) (Phil Ochs) Spoken in Love Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted.
Album titles are in italics, composers in parens ( ).


Byrd & Street, Julie & John Pennell, Ellis Delaney, Lara Herscovitch, Eric Andersen, Pharis & Jason Romero,
Sara Jarosz, Brooks Williams, Eric Brace, Miles & Baker, Ruthie Foster, Indigo Girls, Watkins Family Hour,
Ronny Cox, Donna Adler, Pete Morton, Storyhill

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