Vivaldi: Lost Concertos for Anna Maria – Modo Antiquo

October 14, 2020, 9:00 am

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The so-called “Anna Maria Partbook” consists of an elegantly bound volume in red leather containing the violin parts of 31 violin concertos, of which 26 are by Antonio Vivaldi. It was the personal repertoire of Vivaldi’s most gifted pupil – the famous “Anna Maria della Pietà.” 20 of the 26 Vivaldi concertos are also known from other manuscript sources. The remaining 6 are known only from the source of Anna Maria and are incomplete. Federico Maria Sardelli has reconstructed these works, allowing us to enjoy 6 new concertos by Vivaldi, performed by leading Vivaldi interpreters of our time: violinist Federico Guglielmo and the ensemble Modo Antiquo under the direction of Sardelli.