Criminals, Creatures, and Kings! Oh My!

July 17, 2021, 10:04 am

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A serene gradient from red to smoky blue-gray seems to mask a chaotic scene underneath, expressing a wide range of emotion. Looking like a NASA closeup of Jupiter, this image reveals sediment in the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast. (Photo: USGS)

Screens Large, Medium, and Small all get their turn this week! Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips investigates an HBO Max crime thriller by Steven Soderbergh, game-master Greg Broderick brings some mystery and music by British Sea Power, and Maggie throws back to some big screen classic adventures, with a little animated mythology in between.

Intrigued? Good!


David Holmes: a suite from the HBOMax series No Sudden Moves.

British Sea Power: La Revacholiere, from the video game Disco Elysium.

Erich Korngold: The Sea Hawk; Andre Previn leading the London Symphony Orchestra.

Paul Edward-Francis: music from the animated series, Blood of Zeus.

William Walton: Henry V; Andrew Litton conducting the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.