Daniel Hope: Songs of Hope

September 10, 2021, 10:00 am

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Violinist Daniel Hope’s latest album is a deeply personal, strikingly distinctive musical anthology, one which captures the spirit of community and compassion that music helped cultivate during the pandemic. Hope recalls, “This album is my attempt to project a glimmer of hope and give people, including myself, something to hold on to.” The album opens with a specially commissioned arrangement of Ariel Ramírez’s Missa Criolla, a work Daniel Hope memorized in his youth. Hope secured the rights to make an arrangement of it, and last year he invited Paul Bateman to reimagine the Mass. This powerful work incorporates elements of Latin American folksong, vibrant dance rhythms, and western sacred chant, and reflects its composer’s stated desire “to write a religious piece that would express mankind’s hopes for a better world.”