Apollo’s Fire & Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610

October 12, 2022, 10:00 pm

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Detail of The Gonzaga Family Worshipping the Holy Trinity, c.1605, by Peter Paul Rubens

Jeannette Sorrell, founder and director of Apollo’s Fire, describes Monteverdi‘s 1610 Vespers as “daringly avant-garde: music that uses the tools of the Renaissance and stretches them to convey the flamboyant, emotional imagery of the early Baroque.” On this edition of Baroque&Before, Jeannette Sorrell provides engaging commentary to the milieu and music of Monteverdi and the Vespers, leading Apollo’s Fire, Apollo’s Singers, and soloists in this revolutionary and thrilling musical integration of biblical and liturgical texts with Gregorian chant psalm tones and Renaissance counterpoint.

Tonight’s program draws from performances held in Trinity Cathedral Cleveland in November 2014, and will be available as a stream for 30 days following tonight’s broadccast. A blue “Listen button will appear when the stream is accessible.

Apollo’s Fire returns to Chicago with a live performance of the Monteverdi Vespers in the opening concert of its Windy City Series on Sunday, October 16, 4:00pm in Alice Millar Chapel at Northwestern University in Evanston. For more information about Apollo’s Fire and the Windy City Series, please visit apollosfire.org/2022-2023-windy-city-series/


Claudio Montverdi (1567-1643)
Vespro della Beata Vergine (Vespers for the Blessed Virgin), SV 206
Versical & Response: Deus in adjutorium
Antiphon: Laeva ejus sub capite meo
Psalm 109: Dixit Dominus
Motet: Nigra sum (Jacob Terry, tenor)
Antiphon: Nigra sum sed formosa
Psalm 112: Laudate pueri
Motet: Pulchra es (Molly Quinn & Nell Snaidas, sopranos)
Antiphon: Pulchra es et decora
Psalam 121: Laetatus sum
Motet: Duo Seraphim (Jacob Perry, Nathan Hodgson & Nathan Dougherty, tenors)
Antiphon: Iam hiems transit
Psalm 126: Nisi Dominus
Motet: Audi Caelum (Karim Sulayman, tenor)
Antiphon: Virgo prudentissima
Psalm 147: Lauda, Jerusalem
Sonata sopra Santa Maria
Hymn: Ave maris stella (Kristen Dubenion-Smith, mezzo & Jesse Blummberg, baritone)

Magnificat: Antiphon: Sancta Maria succure miseris; Magnificat anima mea; Et Exultavit; Quia respexit humiltatem; Quia fecit mihi magna; Et miseracordia; Fecit potentian; Deposuit potentes; Esurientes; Sicut locutus est; Gloria Patri; Sicut erat in principio

Apollo’s Fire Baroque Orchestra, Apollo’s Singers & Soloists
Jeannette Sorrell, Director