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      PM warns voters of 'stark choice'

      David Cameron is to tell voters they face a "stark choice" between him and Labour's Ed Miliband as the election campaign officially gets under way.

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      Iran minister to meet world powers

      Ministers from six world powers are to hold their first full session with Iran's foreign minister over its nuclear programme, as a deadline looms.

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      Parents rarely spot child obesity

      Parents hardly ever spot obesity in their children resulting in damaging consequences for health, doctors warn.

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      'Conservative surge' in French polls

      French ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy's Conservative UMP and its allies make major gains in the final round of local elections, exit polls suggest.

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      Council bans 'lead to bizarre laws'

      A law that allows councils in England and Wales to ban certain activities in public is leading to "bizarre new criminal offences", campaigners say.

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      Fraud office fined £180k for breach

      The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is fined £180,000 after thousands of confidential documents from a high-profile investigation were sent to the wrong person.

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      Solar aeroplane heads for China

      Solar Impulse, the fuel-free aeroplane, heads out of Myanmar and on to China on leg five of its attempt to fly around the world.

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      False allegations 'blight' teaching

      Schools must ensure blameless members of staff do not have their careers wrecked by false allegations, a union's annual conference will hear.

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      Inspector independence concerns MPs

      The independence of chief inspectors in areas like prisons and the border force could be threatened by the way they are selected and budgets are set, MPs say.

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      Northern Ireland 2-1 Finland

      Kyle Lafferty continues his hot goalscoring streak as Northern Ireland beat Finland to boost their chances of making Euro 2016.

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      Source: BBC International