The Midnight Special, July 11, 2020


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Lead Belly: The Midnight Special

Last Sessions

Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71


(Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street: Smile Again

Love Circles ‘Round

self 25479-97592


Julie and John Pennell: Blue Skies

Keep On Walkin’

JPE 0003


Ellis Delaney: Pie for Breakfast

Ordinary Love

Singing Crow 89577-78202


Lara Herscovitch: Shine Sister Shine

Highway Philosophers

La Rama 2007


Eric Andersen: Violets of Dawn

Woodstock Under the Stars

Y&T 17


Lisa Bigwood: In This Town

(private recording)


Pharis and Jason Romero: Hometown Blues

Bet on Love

Lula 2006


Sarah Jarosz: Hometown

World on the Ground

Rounder 11661-00913


David Mallett: This Town

Vanguard 79466


Michael Braunfeld: This Town

Full Circle

self 88295-23392


(David) Mitchell & (Robert) Webb: Train Stops

That Mitchell & Webb Sound, Series 5

BBC Audio


Reginald Gardiner: Trains

Time to Remember – The Classic Years: 1934

CollectorDirect 1699


Brooks Williams: Jump That Train

Work My Claim

Red Guitar Blue Music 2020


Eric Brace & Last Train Home: Taking Trains

Daytime Highs & Overnight Lows

Red Beet 0025


Zahra Glenda Baker and Michael J. Miles: Enough

Which Side Are You On?

Right Turn on Red 00261-48193


Grace Pettis: White Noise

(Mpress single)


Danny Schmidt: Black and Blue

(private single)


Ruthie Foster Big Band: Woke Up This Morning

Live at the Paramount

Blue Corn 2001


Crys Matthews: We Must Be Free

Battle Hymn for an Arm of Lovers

self 00261-45860


Ragtime (orig.B’way cast-Brian Stokes Mitchell): Make Them Hear You


(Stephen Faherty/Lynn Ahrens) RCA Victor 09026-68629-2


Sierra Hull: Everybody’s Talking

25 Trips

Rounder 11661-00579


Fred Neil: Everybody’s Talkin’

Capitol 294


My Fair Lady (orig.B’way cast-Rex Harrison-Julie Andrews): The Rain in Spain

My Fair Lady

Legacy 60539


Betty Elders: The Quiet

Peaceful Existence

Whistling Pig 1217


Hayley Sabella: Sorrow:Joy

Flew the Nest

self 195079-334634


Indigo Girls (Amy Ray & Emily Saliers): Sorrow and Joy

Look Long

Rounder 11661-00867


Terri Hendrix: Joy or Sorrow

Places in Between

Wilory 30003


Tret Fure: Too Far, Too Fast

(single, private release)


Watkins Family Hour (Sara & Sean Watkins): The Cure

Brother Sister

self 002


Dear World (orig.B’way cast-Angela Lansbury): Dear World

Dear World

Columbia 48220


Ronny Cox w/ Radoslav Lorkovic: Quintanaroo

Live at the Kitchen Sink

self no#


Bianca DeLeon: Nowhere Mexico

The Long Slow Decline of Carmelita

self 05996-8067-2


Ramblin’ Jack Elliott: South Coast

Red House 59


Peter Cook & Dudley Moore: The Ravens

The World of Pete & Dud

Laughing Stock 110


Carrie Newcomer: Impossible, Until It’s Not

The Point of Arrival

Available Light 05


Dave Van Ronk w/ The Hudson Dusters: Swing on a Star

A Crestomathy

Gazelle 2007/8


Amy White w/ Al Petteway: The Best Dog

Home Sweet Home

Fairewood 051


Teghan Devon: Little Lion

(Teghan Devon Himelfarb) self 88295-99119


Donna Adler: Rainbow Bridge

Remembering Butterflies

self 00261-48243


Pete Morton: I Live Your Love

A Golden Thread

Further 003


Storyhill (Chris Cunningham & John Hermanson): I Am a Lover

Where to Begin

self 1914


Ellie Grace: On the Side of Love

self 00261-47941


(Tommy) Byrd & (Kathy) Street: May the Light Shine Bright on You

Love Circles ‘Round

self 25479-97592


Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I’m Gone (close)

Spoken in Love

Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parentheses