WFMT Vehicle Donation Program

Got a car, boat, motorcycle, or truck collecting dust in your garage? Support your favorite programs on WFMT by donating your vehicle to the station you love.

When you donate your vehicle, our partners handle all the details to make the process as easy as possible – they take care of the tow at no cost to you, provide a tax receipt for your charitable gift, and the final proceeds go directly to WFMT.

Your vehicle donation to WFMT unlocks all the exciting benefits of membership to our station*:

  • Subscription to The Guide, our WTTW and WFMT member magazine
  • WFMT Member Card – your ticket to monthly Member Perks and discounts around Chicago
  • Invitations to special events

* membership level based on your vehicle’s final value at auction

For more information, or to schedule your vehicle’s pickup, please call (866) 740-9889 toll-free, or click here.

Donate Your Vehicle