The Midnight Special, August 29, 2020


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  1. Scott Cook: “Put Your Good Foot in the Road”; Scott Cook; Canada Council for the Arts Tangle of Souls / 76868 22515
  2. Elizabeth Cotten: “Mamma, Nobody’s Here But the Baby”; Elizabeth Cotten; Smithsonian Folkways Shake Sugaree, Vol. Two / F-31003
  3. (Alastair Moock): “Freight Train/The Story of Elizabeth Cotten”; Alastair Moock; Moockshake Music 00261 48083
  4. David Massengill: “Sightseer”; David Massengill; Plump The Return / Plump 5903-2CD
  5. Eric Andersen: “Belgian Bar; Eric Andersen; WFMT Folkstage: Eric Andersen / 11-7-98 (2)
  6. Fred Neil: “The Dolphins”; Fred Neil; Rhino Washington Sq. Memories / R274264
  7. Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites: Sail Away Ladies; Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites; Ooolitic Music Pleasure / OM 1112
  8. Brooks Williams: “Inland Sailor”; Brooks Williams; Red Guitar Blue Music Work My Claim / RGBM-2020
  9. Coco & Lafe: “OCean Beach”; Coco & Lafe; Skyhunter Cafe Loco / SKY 2008
  10. Joni Mitchell): “California”; Joni Mitchell; Reprise Blue / 81227978-4
  11. (Michael Merenda): “You Can Come to My House”; The Mammals; Humble Abode Music HAM 18
  12. Jerry Orbach & Company: “Lullaby of Broadway”; Jerry Orbach & Company; RCA 42nd Street Orig. Broadway Cast Recording / RCA 1 3891
  13. The Stray Birds: “Best Medicine”; The Stray Birds; Yep Roc Best Medicine / YEP-2408
  14. (Geoff Bartley): “Fullerton Street Strut”; Geoff Bartley; Waterbug WBG-0052
  15. Kathleen Edwards: “Ashes to Ashes”; Kathleen Edwards; Dualtone Total Freedom / 803020199521
  16. R. B. Morris: “Going Back to the Sky”; R.B. Morris; Going Back to the Sky / 1.20.20
  17. Leonard Cohen: “First We Take Manhattan”; Leonard Cohen; Columbia I’m Your Man / CK 44191
  18. Orig. Broadway Cast of Cabaret: “Cabaret”; Jill Haworth/Original Broadway cast; Sony Classical Cabaret / SK60533
  19. Jesse Winchester: Club Manhattan; Jesse Winchester; Sugar Hill Gentleman of Leisure / SH CD 1062
  20. Peter Mulvey: “The Dreams”; Peter Mulvey; Eastern Front Deep Blue / EFR-CD-112
  21. Les Barker: “Travel Iron”; Les Barker; Mrs. Ackroyd Records Up the Creek Without a Poodle / DOG012
  22. Mandy Patinkin: “I’ll Be Seeing You”; Mandy Patinkin; CBS Mandy Patinkin / MK 44943
  23. (Eliza Gilkyson): “Promises to Keep”; Eliza Gilkyson; Red House RHR CD 316
  24. Spider John Koerner: “Jack of Diamonds”; Spiker John Koerner; Red House Stargeezer / RHR CD 84
  25. Odetta: Deep River; Odetta; Legacy International Ballads and Blues / CD 354
  26. James Lee Stanley: “Saving Grace”; James Lee Stanley; Two Man Band – Two Beachwood/BR24262
  27. (Traditional): “Venezuela”; Rita Connolly; Topic MRBCOLL
  28. Grant Peeples: “Venezuela”; Grant Peeples; Bad Wife Peeple / Feb 2020
  29. (Scott Joplin): “Solace – Mexican Serenade”; Mike Agranoff; BFD BFD104C
  30. Mary Chapin-Carpenter: “The Dirt and the Stars”; Mary -Chapin Carpenter; Lambent Light Records The Dirt and The Stars / LLR003
  31. Paul Brady: “The Lakes of Pontchartrain”; Paul Brady; Compass Records Missing Liberty Tapes / 7 4335 2
  32. Martyn Joseph: “Song of My Returning”; Martyn Joseph; Pipe Records PRC DO29
  33. Bumper Jackson: “Si Tu Vois Ma Mere”; Bumper Jacksons (Jess Eliot Myhre, clarinet); Hearth Music Sweet Mama, Sweet Daddy, Come In
  34. Edith Piaf: “La Vie En Rose”; Edith Piaf; Primo The Passion of Edith Piaf / PRMCD6053
  35. Bob Fox: “Greek Lightning”; Bob Fox; Woodworm Dreams Never Leave You / WRCD035
  36. Susan Werner: “Bring Round the Boat”; Susan Werner; Bottom Line BLine 63440-47305-2
  37. Conception Corporation: “Welcome to Bummerland”; Conception Corporation; Rhino Complete Conception (1 of 2)
  38. Conception Corporation: “Ego Trip”; Conception Corporation; Rhino Complete Conception (1 of 2)
  39. Birds of Chicago: “Superlover”; Birds of Chicago; Signature Sounds Love in Wartime / 7-01237-20942-5
  40. Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage: “One Grain of Sand”; Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage; Sungrazing Records Awake / SGR003
  41. Pete Seeger: “Sailing Down My Golden River”; Pete Seeger; Living Music Pete / Living MUS 0032
  42. Kathy Kallick: “Stronger Cup”; Kathy Kallick; Sugar Hill Call Me A Taxi / SH CD 3856
  43. (Muriel Anderson): “Two Shores”; Muriel Anderson; Muriel Anderson CDG 2000