The Midnight Special, October 31, 2020

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  1. Peter Mayer: “The Dark”; Peter Mayer; Million Year Mind/Blue Boat BB1204
  2. Maria Muldaur: “The Ghost of the St. Louis Blues”; Maria Muldaur; & Her Garden of Joy/Stony Plain SPCD 1332
  3. Pete & Marua Kennedy: “Nuah”; The Strangelings; Season of the Witch/Strangelings 001
  4. Janis Ian: “Welcome to Acousticville”; Janis Ian; Windham Hill Welcome to Acousticville / 01934-11274-2
  5. Robin & Linda Williams: “Walking Like a Man”; Robin & Linda Williams; devil of a dream/Sugar Hill SH CD 1059
  6. Harry Manx, et al.: “Long Black Veil”; MHarry Manx w/Emily Braden, Sara Marreiros, Tony Backhouse; Johnny’s Blues/Northern Blues NBM 0017
  7. Kevin Kling: “Church” (excerpt); Kevin Kling; Home and Away East Side Digital/81582
  8. Amythyst Kiah w/Allison Russell: “Blood and Bones”; Amythyst Kiah w/Allison Russell; Songs of Our Native Daughters Smithsonian Folkways/SF CD 40232
  9. PigPen Theatre Co.: “We Stand Alone”; PigPen Theatre; Bremen/PigPen Theatre 8 84501 71873
  10. Katy Hobgood Ray & Dave Ray: “Oh Devil”; Katy Hobgood Ray & Dave Ray; I Dream of Water/Out of the Past OOTO 012
  11. Kirk Mann: “The Hammer”; Kirk Mann; Say Their Names Hudson Harding/MANN2020
  12. Joe Crookston: “Darkling and the Bluebird (Fear & Transcend)”; Joe Crookston; Darkling & The BlueBird Jubilee/milagrito rae62011
  13. Alisa Amador: “Nudo de Raices (Root Knots)”; Alisa Amador; U.S.P.S. – United Songwriters for the People’s Sovereignty Bandcamp
  14. Colby Maddox: “The Midnight Special – fiddle”; Colby Maddox; Midnight Special Collection Maddox 2020
  15. John Fogerty: “Wicked Old Witch”; John Fogerty; Deja vu All Over Again/Geffen B0003257-02
  16. Wicked The Musical: Stephen Schwartz: “March of the Witch Hunters”; Wicked: Original Broadway Cast; Wicked/Decca 800001682 02
  17. Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer: “Tam Lin”; Anais Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer; Child Ballads/Wilderland Wilder 002
  18. Space Ghost: “Zorak’s Horrorscopes – Scorpio”; C. Martin Croker as Zorak; Space Ghost’s Surf & Turf/Rhino R2 75487
  19. Heidi Muller & Bob Webb: “Ghost Stories”; Heidi Muller & Bob Webb; Seeing Things Muller/53701 20052
  20. Robbie Ellis: “Pumpkins”; Robbie Ellis; Pumpkins/ RE 001
  21. Hope Foye & The Weavers: “Skip To The Polls”; Hope Foye & The Weavers; Songs for Political Action – Disc 9 Campaign Songs 1944 – 1949 Bear Family Records BCD 15720-9 JL
  22. Alastair Moock: “Make it Great”; Alastair Moock; Alastair Moock/MoockMusic 7 00261 45458 0
  23. Charles Coe (Langston Hughes): “Mother to Son”; Poet Charles Coe; Can You Read This Boston/Big Girl Records BGR 001
  24. Pat Humphries: “Never Turning Back”; Pat Humphries; Same Rain/Moving Forward Music MFM 360
  25. Small Potatoes: “Vampire”; Small Potatoes; Raw SPUD 2003
  26. Rev. Gary Davis: “Bad Company”; Rev. Gary Davis; Pure Religion & Bad Company/Smithsonian SFW40035/FL 125
  27. Mark Graham & Orville Johnson: “Neighbor of the Beast”; Mark Graham & Orville Johnson; Kings of Mongrel Folk
  28. Robin Bienemann: “Vampires are not Zombies”; Robin Bienemann; Songs About Lessons Learnt 7 00261 43737 8
  29. Heather Styka: “Tightrope Walker”; Heather Styka; Lifeboats for Atlantis/Kite Stripe KSR02
  30. 4 Hits & A Miss: “Ghost Voters in the Sky”; 4 Hits & A Miss; Midnight Special Concert Archives WFMT
  31. Johnny Cash: “Ghost Riders in the Sky”; Johnny Cash; Silver/Columbia Legacy CK 86791
  32. Taproot: “Away Ye Merry Lasses”; Taproot; Grand Design TR002
  33. Andy Beyer: “The Midnight Special – organ”; Andy Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004
  34. Simon & Garfunkel: “America”; Simon & Garfunkel; Simon & Garfunkel Collection/Sony CBS Sony 35DP 13
  35. Dick Gaughan: “Song of Choice”; Dick Gaughan; Different Kind of Love Song/Appleseed 1018
  36. Mahalia Jackson: “I Will Move On Up a Little Higher”; Mahalia Jackson; Apollo Sessions Vol I/Pair PCD-2-1332
  37. Mary McCaslin: “Ghost Train”; Mary McCaslin; Broken Promises/Philo CD PH 1160
  38. Bill Morrissey: “You’ll Never Get to Heaven”; Bill Morrissey; You’ll Never Get to Heaven/Philo CD PH 1194
  39. Mary Gauthier: “Wheel Inside the Wheel”; Mary Gauthier; Mercy Now Lost Highway B0003570-02
  40. Freyda Epstein: “Potter’s Wheel”; Freyda & Accoustic AttaTude; Midnight at Cabell Hall/Red House Records RHR CD 55
  41. Mark Erelli: “Hollow Man”; Mark Erelli (Various); Can You Read This Boston/Big Girl Records BGR 001
  42. Mike Craver: “Alas I’m a Poor Little Woodpecker”; Mike Craver; Mould’s Undertaking/Sapsucker 2330
  43. Loreena McKennitt: “Night Ride Across the Caucasus”; Loreena McKennitt; Live in Paris & Toronto/Quinlan Road VE 15045
  44. Natalie Merchant: “Motherland”; Natalie Merchant; Motherland/Elektra 62721-2
  45. Wood & Wire: “Pigs”; Wood & Wire; No Matter Where It Goes From Here Blue Corn Music/BCM2003
  46. Della Mae: “Change”; Della Mae feat. The McCrary Sisters; Headlight/Rounder 1166100770
  47. (Traditional): “Step-By-Step”; Sweet Honey in the Rock; Flying Fish FF366
  48. Patti LuPone: “Cock-Eyed Optimist”; Patti LuPone; Matters of the Heart/LayZLay Records VSD 6058
  49. Andy Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andy Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004