The Midnight Special, December 12, 2020

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  1. (Melanie DeMore): “Intro to One Foot/Lead With Love”; Melanie DeMore w/Alastair Moock; Moockshake Music 00261 48083
  2. Alastair Moock w/ Crys Matthews: “One Foot/Lead With Love”; Alastair Moock w/Crys Matthews; Be A Pain/Moockshake Music 00261 48083
  3. Tracy Chapman: “If Not Now…”; Tracy Chapman; Tracy Chapman | Elektra 9 60774-2
  4. Anne Heaton: “To the Light”; Anne Heaton; To the Light |
  5. Peter Mayer: “Where is the Light?”; Peter Mayer; Midwinter | Blue Boat BB1207
  6. Chicago Blues Posse w/Melva LeBlanc: “This Little Light of Mine”; Chicago Blues Posse w/Melva LeBlanc; Kingafrow | 1 95269 01510 7
  7. Stan Rogers: “Song of the Candle”; Stan Rogers; Turn Around | Borealis Records BCD215
  8. Kathy Cowan: “Star of the County Down”; Kathy Cowan; Red Haired Man’s Wife | Kiltartan KR1008
  9. Greg Trafidlo: “The Starbucks of County Down” (Trafidlo, Phillips, Seay); Greg Trafidlo; The Crawlspace Tapes | Kira 4050
  10. Nickel Creek: “The Lighthouse’s Tale”; Nickel Creek: Chris Thile, Sean & Sara Watkins (Scott Thile, bass); Nickel Creek |CD 3909 Sugar Hill
  11. Redbird: “Lighthouse Light”; Redbird: Kris Delmhorts, Peter Mulvey, Jeffrey Foucault; Redbird | Signature SIG 1291
  12. Maria Gillard Trio: “It Used to Be Darker”; Maria Gillard Trio; Always Love | Gizzy Music GIL 005
  13. Bruce Cockburn: “Whole Night Sky”; Bruce Cockburn; Charity of Night | Rykodisc RCD 10366
  14. John McCutcheon: “Bless this World”; John McCutcheon; Cabin Fever | Appalsongs B08C24B3Q6
  15. A.J. Shively & Company: “Bright Star” (Martin/Brickell); Original Broadway Cast, feat. A. J. Shively as Billy Cane; Bright Star/Razor & Tie 84501-02
  16. Harvey Reid: “In Dark Winter Rejoiceth”; Harvey Reid; Fruit on the Vine | Woodpecker WP-113CD
  17. Peter, Paul and Mary: “Light One Candle”; Peter, Paul and Mary; Peter, Paul and Mary | Gold Castle 171 001-2 GC
  18. Ian Robb, Ann Downey, Shelley Posen: “On Chanukah” (Nutall/Posen); Ian Robb, Ann Downey, Shelley Posen; Digital download |
  19. Muriel Anderson: “Paprika” (instrumental); Muriel Anderson w/Zoltan Baranyi, Rory Hoffman; Acoustic Chef | self CGD2020
  20. Rabbi Joe Black w/Maxwell St. Klezmer Band: “Ocho Kandelikas” (Flory Jagoda); Rabbi Joe Black w/Maxwell St. Klezmer Band; Eight Nights of Joy | URJ Books and Music 951304
  21. Sara Thomsen and Paula Pedersen: “Hanerot Halalu”; Sara Thomsen & Paula Pederson; Winter Wanderings |
  22. Amy Carol Webb: “Ma’oz Trur” (Trad.); Amy Carol Webb; Breaking Light | Zebra Z2010
  23. Rabbi Joe Black w/Maxwell St. Klezmer Band: “Yodel Dreidel” (Joe Black); Rabbi Joe Black w/Maxwell St. Klezmer Band; Eight Nights of Joy | URJ Books and Music 951304
  24. Fred Small: “Not In Our Town”; Fred Small; Only Love | Aquifer AQ 1004
  25. Patty Larkin: “Tango”; Patty Larkin; Tango | High Street HS 72902 10312-2
  26. Chaise Lounge: “Trimming the Tree”; Chaise Lounge; Out Under the Sky | Modern Songbook MSR-015
  27. David Roth: “Little Christmas Song”; David Roth; Think Twice (disc 2) | Wind River WR4029 2 of 2
  28. Tom Lehrer: “I’m Spending Hanukkah in Santa Monica”; Tom Lehrer; The Remains of Tom Lehrer | Rhino R2 79831 3
  29. New Grange: “Shalom Aleichem/Breakin’ Up Christmas”; New Grange: Philip Aaberg, Darol Anger, Alison Brown, Mike Marshall, Tim O’Brien, Todd Phillips; Christmas Heritage | KOCH KOC CD 8030
  30. Blind of Boys of Alabama: “Last Month of the Year”; Blind Boys of Alabama; Go Tell it on the Mountain | Real World Records 72435 90600 2 6
  31. Darryl Purpose: “You Must Go Home for Christmas”; Darryl Purpose; Same River Twice | Tangible tangible cardboard
  32. Connie Kaldor: “Warm in Here”; Connie Kaldor; Prairie Christmas | bandcamp
  33. Ed Gerhard: “Carol of the Bells”; Ed Gerhard; Christmas | Virtue Records VRD 1920
  34. Bill Morrissey: “Birches”; Bill Morrissey; Night Train | Philo CD PH 1154
  35. The Gilberts: “Figurines”; The Gilberts; One | The Gilberts
  36. Emmylou Harris: “The Light” (Harris/Kane); Emmylou Harris; Cowgirl’s Prayer | Elektra B000002HE3
  37. Gove Scrivenor: “Shine On”; Gove Scrivenor; Shine On | Compass 7 4254 2
  38. Harvey Reid: “Silver Midnight Moon”; Harvey Reid; Fruit on the Vine | Woodpecker WP-113CD
  39. Cheryl Wheeler: “Arrow”; Cheryl Wheeler; Circles and Arrows | Philo CD 1162
  40. Holy Modal Rounders: “TV Song”; The Holy Modal Rounders; Last Round | Adelphi (CD reissue) GCD 1030
  41. Steve Goodman: “Vegematic”; Steve Goodman; Affordable Art | Omnivore Recordings OVCD-337
  42. Bill Miller: “Ghostdance”; Bill Miller; Ghostdance | Vanguard 79565-2
  43. Wylie & The Wild West: “Lonely Yukon Stars”; Wylie & The Wild West; Paradise/Rounder 82161-3178-2
  44. Earl Scruggs w/Linda Ronstadt: “I Saw The Light” (Hank Williams); Earl Scruggs w/Linda Ronstadt; I Saw the Light with Help from My Friends | Columbia Legacy CK 92793
  45. Trilogy: “Turn it Around”; Eileen McGann, Cathy Miller, David K.; Two Thousand Years of Christmas | Dragonwing DRGN-114
  46. Josh Groban & Co.: “The Great Comet of 1812” (Dave Malloy); Josh Groban & Co.; The Great Comet of 1812 | Reprise 5600-2
  47. (Laura Love): “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red/Laura Love 88295 68276
  48. Merle Travis: “Midnight Special”; Merle Travis; Travis Pickin’ CMH/6255