The Midnight Special, February 13, 2021

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  1. Aoife Clancy w/Bobby Clancy: “Kisses Sweeter than Wine” (Trad., Leadbelly, The Weavers); Aoife Clancy w/Bobby Clancy; Silvery Moon | Appleseed APR CD 1065
  2. (Michael Smith): The Dutchman; Steve Goodman; Buddha 7446599626 2
  3. Mark Erelli: “Jackpot”; Mark Erelli; Jackpot | pre-release single [2021]
  4. Jim Gaffigan: “I Would Do Anything for Love”; Jim Gaffigan; Noble Ape | Comedy Dynamics COM626
  5. Second Opinion: “Put Another Log on the Fire” (Shel Silverstein); Second Opinion – Betsy Clinton, Pat Madden-Roth, Sally Potter; Just a Little Bit Closer | SecOp SecOp 001
  6. Tom Rush: “Nothing But a Man”; Tom Rush; Rockport Sundays | [2021]
  7. Catie Curtis: “Radical”; Catie Curtis; Truth from Lies/Hear Music HEAR9402
  8. Buffy Sainte-Marie: “Eyes of Amber”; Buffy Sainte-Marie; It’s My Way | Vanguard VMD 79142
  9. Christine Lavin: “The Kind of Love You Never Recover From”; Christine Lavin; Attainable Love | Philo CD PH 1132
  10. Dee Carstensen: “Compass” (Christine Lavin); Dee Carstensen; Big League Babe, Vol. 2 | PrimeCD 39
  11. Bill Camplin: “Northern Light”; Bill Camplin w/ Bob Mueller, Jamie Sheldon, Robert Knetzger, and Jason Klagstad; Reunion at Ebbott’s Barn | Bill Camplin 8-14-16
  12. David Massengill: “Another Time & Place” (Dave Van Ronk); David Massengill; Dave on Dave – Tribute to Dave Van Ronk by David Massengill | Gadfly 295
  13. Joan Baez: “There But for Fortune”; Joan Baez; Joan Baez 5 | Vanguard 79700-2
  14. Laurie Lewis: “The Lonely One”; Laurie Lewis; Laurie Lewis and | Spruce & Maple SMM1014
  15. Merle Travis: “Midnight Special”; Merle Travis; Travis Pickin’ | CMH 6255
  16. Rod Abernethy: “Another Year”; Rod Abernethy; Normal Isn’t Normal Anymore | 85218 00669
  17. Tracy Chapman: “Fast Car”; Tracy Chapman; Tracy Chapman | Elektra 9 60774-2
  18. Anne Hills & Jay Ansill: “Winter Roses”; Anne Hills & Jay Ansill; Fragile Gifts | Hand & Heart HHM-2016
  19. Andrew Ratshin: “Roses from the Wrong Man” (Christine Lavin); Andrew Ratshin; Big League Babe, Vol. 2 | PrimeCD 39
  20. Christine Kane: “She Don’t Like Roses”; Christine Kane; Rain and Mud and Wild and Green | Big Fat Music [2002]
  21. Susan Werner: “La Vie en Rose”; Susan Werner; Live at the Tin Angel | Werner SWerner 002
  22. Tom Russell: “Chocolate Cigarettes”; Tom Russell; Hurricane Season | Philo PH CD 1141
  23. Edith Piaf: “Non, je ne regrette rien”; Edith Piaf; The Voice of the Sparrow | Capitol CDP-7-96632-2
  24. Billie Holiday: “No Regrets”; Billie Holiday w/Artie Shaw; Lady Day: The Master Takes | Columbia / Legacy 88967 13178 2-D1 1 of 4
  25. Eric Andersen: “Is it Really Love at All?”; Eric Andersen; Blue River | Columbia Legacy CK 65696
  26. Bob Dylan: “Thirsty Boots” (Eric Andersen); Bob Dylan; Another Self Portrait-Bootleg (disc 2) | Columbia 88883-73487-2
  27. Eric Andersen: “Salt on Your Skin”; Eric Andersen; Beat Avenue, Disc 2 | Appleseed Recordings APR CD 1068 (1 of 2)
  28. Eddie Reader: “Bell, Book & Candle” (Boo Hewerdine); Eddie Reader; Angels & Electricity | Compass Records COM 7 4265 2 cd
  29. Tim Buckley: “Sing a Song For You”; Tim Buckley; Once I Was | BBC 302 061 056 2
  30. Pat Donohue: “La Vie en Rose” (Edith Piaf); Pat Donohue – guitar; Bluesky Records BSR 915
  31. Smothers Brothers: “Black is the Color”; Smothers Brothers; (Think Ethnic!) | Mercury MG200777
  32. Tony Cuffe: “Kelvin’s Purling Stream” (Traditional); Tony Cuffe; Sae Will We Yet | Greentrax CDTRAX243
  33. Ciaran MacGowan: “Wild Mountain Thyme”; Ciaran MacGowan; digital single | [2021]
  34. Rhiannon Giddens: “Black is the Color” (Traditional); Rhiannon Giddens w/Jon Batiste (Melodica), Colin Linden (Guitar) et al.; Tomorrow is My Turn | Nonesuch 541708-2
  35. Pete Nelson: “The Bitter End” (Christine Lavin); Pete Nelson; Big League Babe, Vol. 2 | PrimeCD 39
  36. Kacey Jones: “Chocolate Stuff”; Kacey Jones; Donald Trump’s Hair | IGO Records IGO41247
  37. Judy Collins: “Bottle of Wine” (Tom Paxton); Judy Collins; Judy Collins 3 & 4/…in Concert | Wildflower WFL 1301-2 (Disk 2)
  38. The Mitchell Trio: “If I Gave You”; The Mitchell Trio; The Slightly Irreverent Mitchell Trio | Collector’s Choice CCM-373-2
  39. Tom Lehrer: “The Masochism Tango (live)”; Tom Lehrer; The Remains of Tom Lehrer Disc 2 | Rhino R2 79831 2
  40. Return to Forever: “Do You Ever” (Gayle Moran); Return to Forever – Chick Corea, Gayle Moran, Stanley Clarke, et al.; Musicmagic | Columbia Columbia – PC 34682
  41. The Gilberts: “Missing Pieces”; The Gilberts; Tell Me | [2021]
  42. Linda Thompson: “Dimming of the Day”; Linda Thompson; Dreams Fly Away | Hannibal HCD 1379
  43. Steve Goodman: “Old Fashioned”; Steve Goodman; Words We Can Dance To | Elektra 7E-1061
  44. Willie Nelson: “In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” (David Mann & Bob Hilliard); Willie Nelson; That’s Life | Columbia/Legacy 19439839452
  45. (Laura Love): “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red/Laura Love 88295 68276
  46. Andy Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andy Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004