The Midnight Special, May 29, 2021

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  1. (Joseph Spence): “Great Dream from Heaven”; Geyer Street Sheiks; BJAM CD 101
  2. Joan Baez: “Wings”; Joan Baez; Dark Chords on a Big Guitar Koch/KOC-CD8622
  3. Bob Fox: “White Cockade” (Traditional); Bob Fox; Woodworm Records WRCD035
  4. Linda Thompson: “If I Were a Bluebird”; Linda Thompson w/Teddy Thompson; Pettifer Sounds CD PET 1001
  5. Traditional/Mary Black: “Paddy’s Lamentation/Ships Are Sailing”; Various/Mary Black; BMG Classics/Unisphere 09026-68963-2
  6. Traditional: “Fionnghuala”; RUNA; runamusic [2011]
  7. Trad. arr. Washington Revels: “The Enlisted Men”; Washington Revels feat. Harold Blackford and Gregory McGruder; Washington Revels WRCD2011
  8. Bruce Caton: “On the Eve of Antietam – Mr. Lincoln’s Army”; Marilyn Rea Beyer/Joel Mabus “Shenandoah”; Doubleday ISBN 038541689X
  9. Washington Revels: “Tenting on the Old Camp Ground” (Walter Kittredge); Washington Revels feat. Douglas Jimerson, Jacqueline Schwab, Gallery Voices; Washington Revels WRCD2011
  10. Shemekia Copeland: “Uncivil War”; Shemekia Copeland; Uncivil War/Alligator 5001
  11. Alexis Galperine & Guillaume Palissy: “Chanson de Craonne – Adieu La Vie” (Traditional); Alexis Galperine & Guillaume Palissy; Corelia B001M5HKYG
  12. Peter, Paul & Mary: “No Man’s Land” (Eric Bogle); Peter, Paul & Mary; Gold Castle D2-71339
  13. Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt: “1917”; Emmylou Harris & Linda Ronstadt; Western Wall/The Tuscon Sessions/Asylum 62408-2
  14. Rupert Wates: “Farewell and Adieu”; Rupert Wates; Lamentations | self released [2020]
  15. Jay Ungar: “Ashokan Farewell”; Jay Ungar, v; Molly Mason, g; Nashville Chamber Orch/Paul Gambill; EMI CDC5-56720-2
  16. Martha Scanlan: “Shape of Things Gone Missing, Shape of Things to Come”; Martha Scanlan; 141180 01029
  17. Eddie From Ohio: “Oh My Brother”; Eddie From Ohio; I Rode Fido Home Virginia Soul/VSR003
  18. Battlefield Band w/Davy Steele: “Beaches of St. Valery”; Battlefield Band w/Davy Steele; Greentrax Recordings Limited CDTRAX372D
  19. Michael Troy: “Last Day in May”; Michael Troy; Michael Troy CD 001
  20. Joni Mitchell: “The Last Time I Saw Richard”; Joni Mitchell; Reprise 81227978-4
  21. Sky, Patrick: “Many a Mile”; Patrick Sky; Vanguard VSD-79179 2
  22. arr. Mississippi John Hurt: “Farther Along”; Mississippi John Hurt; Vanguard VMD 79327
  23. (Leandra Peak): “Wash My Eyes”; Leandra Peak; Red House RHR CD 145
  24. (Greg Brown): “One Cool Remove”; Greg Brown feat. Bob Thompson (sax); Red House RHR CD 28
  25. Suzzy & Lucy Wainwright Roche: “I Think I Am A Soul”; Suzzy & Lucy Wainwright Roche; I Can Still Hear You | Story Sound Records 161-037
  26. Sue Demel, Deborah Lader, Bruce Roper: “Set Us To Prayin'”; Sons of the Never Wrong; We Three Sons SR3
  27. John McCutcheon: “The Night John Prine Died”; John McCutcheon; Cabin Fever | Appalsongs B08C24B3Q6
  28. John Prine: “When I Get to Heaven”; John Prine; Oh Boy Records OBR-046CD
  29. Steve “Q” Quinn: “The Midnight Special – Harmonica Greasy” (Traditional); Steve “Q” Quinn; Midnight Special Collection | Midnight Special Collection SQuinn/MS013
  30. Kate McDonnell: “Berlin”; Kate McDonnell; Dog-Eared Discs 7-00261-48550-8
  31. Michael Veitch: “Above The Rain”; Michael Veitch; Best of Many Days | [2020]
  32. Marlene Dietrich: “Lili Marlene” (in German); Marlene Dietrich; B01KAQLQEC
  33. Buffy Sainte-Marie: “Universal Soldier”; Buffy Sainte-Marie; Vanguard VMD 79142
  34. Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers: “The Rocket”; Fred Eaglesmith and the Flathead Noodlers; AML Records FSE009
  35. The Kennedys: “Pearl’s Eye View”; The Kennedys; JIFFYJAM 2002
  36. Kate Power & Steve Einhorn: “Travis John”; Kate Power & Steve Einhorn; Artichoke Music SK SK006
  37. Tom Prasada-Rao: “10,000 Sorrows”; Tom Prasada-Rao; Tom Prasada-Rao 10,000 Sorrows/Youtube 3.15.2020
  38. Dodson, David: “Farthest Field”; Taproot; Taproot TR001
  39. Buist, Sav; Larson, Katie; Paxton, Tom: “Anyway” (Sav Buist, Katie Larson, Tom Paxton); The Accidentals; 1-952-69-07859-1
  40. Tom Paxton: “Peace Will Come”; Tom Paxton w/Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer; Pax Records 008
  41. Peggy Seeger: “How I Long For Peace”; Peggy Seeger; First Farewell | Red Grape RGPSCD4
  42. Seeger, Pete: “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”; Windborne; Wand’ring Feet Publishing WFR101
  43. Annie Fitzgerald: “Under the Moon”; Annie Fitzgerald; 5.21.21
  44. Mandy Patinkin: “I’ll Be Seeing You”; Mandy Patinkin; CBS Mandy Patinkin / MK 44943
  45. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red | Laura Love 88295 68276
  46. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004