The Midnight Special, June 5, 2021

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  1. (Mark Erelli & Dinty Child): “Rose Colored Rearview”; Mark Erelli; Mark Erelli 03-27-20
  2. Steve Tilston: “Mirror Dance”; Steve Tilston; Market Square Music MSMCD124
  3. Tom Prasada-Rao: “Smoke and Mirrors” (Tom Prasada-Rao, Cary Cooper, Jagoda); Tom Prasada-Rao; Tom Prasada-Rao 001
  4. Nancy Moran: “My Gallery”; Nancy Moran; Azalea Az 624 CD
  5. Suzanne Vega: “Tom’s Diner”; Suzanne Vega; A&M Records SP-5136
  6. Vince Bell: “Mirror, Mirror”; Vince Bell; Watermelon Records Watermelon CD 1027
  7. Original Broadway Cast: “Music and the Mirror” (Hamlisch / Kleban); Original Broadway Cast; Sony Classical SK 65282
  8. Chuck Pyle: “Keep It Simple”; Chuck Pyle; Bee ‘N’ Flower Music CP001
  9. David Francey: “Mirror Ball”; David Francey; Laker Music LAKR 1011
  10. Pete Nelson: “Mirrored Ball”; Pete Nelson; Signature Sounds SSRC 1232
  11. Darrell Scott: “Looking Glass”; Darrell Scott; Full Light Records FLR-0601
  12. Robin & Linda Williams: “A Better Day A-Comin’”; Robin & Linda Williams; [2021]
  13. Richard & Mimi Farina: “Reflections in a Crystal Wind”; Richard & Mimi Farina; Vanguard 79204-2
  14. Colby Maddox: “The Midnight Special – fiddle”; Colby Maddox; Midnight Special Collection CMaddox/MS 009
  15. Renee Fleming & Broadway Revival Cast: “June is Bustin’ Out All Over”; Renee Fleming & Broadway Revival Cast; Craft Recordings CR00147
  16. June Tabor: “Rose in June”; June Tabor; Green Linnet GLCD 3139
  17. Shemekia Copeland: “She Don’t Wear Pink”; Shemekia Copeland; Uncivil War/Alligator 5001
  18. Anne E DeChant: “What Do You Care”; Anne E DeChant; [2021]
  19. Craig Cardiff: “Emm & May”; Craig Cardiff; True North TND754
  20. Brian Smalley: “He’d Talk About Mango”; Brian Smalley; Gatorbone 7-00261-48434-1
  21. Alisa Amador: “Together”; Alisa Amador; EP
  22. Sue Fink: “Hymn of the Cicada”; Sue Fink; [2021]
  23. Elise Witt: “Como la Cigarra (Like the Cicada)”; Elise Witt; EM World Records EMW – 1011
  24. (Sam Bush): “Crossing the Transippi”; Sam Bush with John Cowan; Sugar Hill
  25. Alix Dobkin: “A Woman’s Love”; Alix Dobkin; Women’s Wax Works WWWA007cd
  26. Ellis Paul: “She Loves a Girl”; Ellis Paul; Philo 11671-1200-2
  27. Judy Small: “Love in Parallel”; Judy Small; Crafty Maid Records CMM011
  28. Holly Near: “The Woman in Your Life” (Alix Dobkin); Holly Near; Calico Tracks CTM003
  29. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special Solo (Short)” Instrumental; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 006
  30. Crys Matthews: “Hope Revolution”; Crys Matthews; 700261485904
  31. Eva Cassidy: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” (Arlen/Harburg); Eva Cassidy; Blix Street G2 – 10045
  32. Jesse Terry: “If I Were the Moon”; Jesse Terry; Wandering Records WR001
  33. Byrd & Street: “Lightning Bugs”; Byrd & Street; Byrd & Street 78572 97512
  34. Gillman/Deaville: “Lightning Bug”; Gillman/Deaville; Flying Fish FF 70636CD
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  36. Margo Hennebach: “Fireflies and Windows”; Margo Hennebach; Prime CD PCD 022 CD
  37. Erin Ash Sullivan: “Fireflies”; Erin Ash Sullivan; Willoughby 7-00261-48639-0
  38. Garnet Rogers: “Firefly”; Garnet Rogers; Snow Goose SGS 1129
  39. Mary Hopkin: “Those Were the Days” (Boris Fomin, Gene Raskin); Mary Hopkin; Apple Records 1801
  40. Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra: “My Heart and Soul (On Love)” (Joakim Borgen & Rebekka Nilsson); Hayde Bluegrass Orchestra; H.B.O. HBOCD1
  41. Original Broadway Cast: “You Will Be Found” (Benj Pasek & Justin Pau); Original Broadway Cast: Platt, Ben / Dreyfuss, Laura / Jones, Rachel Ray / Thompson, Jennifer Laura / Faist, Mike / Park, Michael / Roland, Will / Lloyd, Kristolyn; Atlantic 558631-2
  42. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red | Laura Love 88295 68276
  43. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004