The Midnight Special, July 3, 2021

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  1. Roger McGuinn w/Pete Seeger: “Alabama Bound”; Roger McGuinn w/Pete Seeger; Appleseed APR CD 1046
  2. Mollie O’Brien: “Alaska”; Mollie O’Brien; Sugar Hill Tell It True / SH-CD 3846
  3. Rick Pickren: “Goin’ Back to Arizona”; Rick Pickren; Big Strike Music CD803
  4. Putnam Smith: “Arkansas”; Putnam Smith; Itchy Sabot Records ISR-005
  5. Joni Mitchell: “California”; Joni Mitchell; Reprise Blue / 81227978-4
  6. Livingston Taylor: “Carolina Day”; Livingston Taylor; ATCO Records SD 33-334
  7. Skip Gorman: “Colorado Trail” (Traditional); Skip Gorman; Rounder CD 0359
  8. Perry Como: “Delaware”; Perry Como; RCA Victor 47-7670
  9. Billie & De De Pierce: “Goin’ Back to Florida”; Billie & De De Pierce; Arhoolie [1959]
  10. Guy Davis: “Georgia Rag”; Guy Davis; Red House RHR CD 80
  11. Hawaii Calls: “Holoholo Ka’a (Take a Ride)” (Clarence Kinney); Hawaii Calls feat. Sonny Nicholas; Hawaii Calls CDHCS-928
  12. Joel Mabus: “Illinois/Indiana”; Joel Mabus; Parlor Guitar/Fossil Records 1605
  13. Jim Gaffigan: “Indiana”; Jim Gaffigan; jfl online only [2017]
  14. Meredith & Rini Willson: “And Then I Wrote the Music Man excerpts + Iowa Stubborn (2000 Broadway Cast)”; Meredith & Rini Willson; Stage Door Records / Atlantic STAGE 2380 / 92915-2
  15. Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys: “Blue Moon of Kentucky”; Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys; Vanguard 79518-2
  16. Hart Rouge: “Sunset On Louisianne” (Zachary Richard); Hart Rouge; Red House RHR CD 102
  17. Bill Crofut & Chris Brubeck: “Stars & Stripes Forever Rag” (John Philip Sousa, arr. Brubeck); Bill Crofut & Chris Brubeck feat. Madcat Ruth; Troy 085 CD
  18. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – Melodica”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 005
  19. Lou & Peter Berryman: “Your State’s Name Here”; Lou & Peter Berryman; Cornbelt CR900
  20. Dave Fry: “July” (Geoff Bartley); Dave Fry; [1998]
  21. Laura Nyro: “Stoned Soul Picnic”; Laura Nyro; Columbia/Legacy CK 85763
  22. Dana “Short Order” Cooke: “Happy 4th of July Bud Light”; Dana “Short Order” Cooke; Spike CD-000001A
  23. Ivan Decker: “Fireworks”; Ivan Decker; Just for Laughs JFL2017
  24. Tom Paxton: “Born on the Fourth of July”; Tom Paxton; Vanguard VSD 79395
  25. John Prine: “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven”; John Prine; Atlantic SD 8296
  26. Simon & Garfunkel: “America”; Simon & Garfunkel; Simon & Garfunkel Collection/Sony CBS Sony 35DP 13
  27. Michael Troy: “Roller Coaster”; Michael Troy; Troy Town Music MT001
  28. The Railsplitters: “Tilt-a-Whirl” (Leslie Ziegler & Dusty Rider); The Railsplitters; The Railsplitters 7 00261 42156 8
  29. Lara Herscovitch: “Wonder Wheel”; Lara Herscovitch; La Rama Records LRR1606
  30. Martin Swinger: “Coney Island Lullaby”; Martin Swinger; CD Baby MFS 3585
  31. Bert Jansch: “When the Circus Comes to Town”; Bert Jansch; Cooking Vinyl Cook CD 092
  32. Neal Rosner: “Little Egypt”; Neal Rosner; Bradlor CALLYDA001
  33. Christine Lavin: “The Best Summer”; Christine Lavin; [2021]
  34. The Kalima Brothers & The Richard Kauhi Quartette: “Stars and Stripes Forever” (John Philip Sousa); The Kalima Brothers & The Richard Kauhi Quartette; HanaOla Records HOCD 27000
  35. Lorne Entress: “Back to Boston”; Lorne Entress; [2021]
  36. Mary Flower: “Michigan Water”; Mary Flower; Resounding CD: 408
  37. Lone Piñon: “El Ausente” (Antonio Maciel); Lone Piñon; [2020]
  38. Bill Morrissey: “Live Free or Die”; Bill Morrissey; Philo PH CD 1105
  39. Mason Daring & Jeanie Stahl: “Jersey Shore”; Mason Daring & Jeanie Stahl; Early Years/Daring Records CD 3006
  40. Gillian Welch: “Look at Miss Ohio”; Gillian Welch; Acony ACNY-0305
  41. Andrew Vasquez: “Flying Free”; Andrew Vasquez; Putumayo PUT 341-2
  42. Al Stewart: “Katherine of Oregon”; Al Stewart; Beach Full of Shells/Appleseed APR CD 1088
  43. Mike Craver: “Rhode Island is Famous for You” (Howard Dietz/Arthur Schwartz); Mike Craver; Sapsucker 2324
  44. Steve Gillette: “If You’re Ever in Texas” (Steve Gillette & Charles John Quatro); Steve Gillette; Compass Rose [1998]
  45. Willie Nelson: “Moonlight in Vermont”; Willie Nelson; Columbia JC 35305
  46. Eddie From Ohio: “Old Dominion”; Eddie From Ohio; Virginia Soul VSR 006
  47. Tim O’Brien: “A Mountaineer is Always Free”; Tim O’Brien (co-write w/Pierce Pettis); The Crossing/Alula ALU 1014
  48. Skip Ewing: “Wyoming”; Skip Ewing; Wyoming | Write! Records WR-2020821
  49. John Flynn: “Circle of Love”; John Flynn; [2021]
  50. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red | Laura Love 88295 68276
  51. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004