The Midnight Special, August 28, 2021

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  1. Sam Bush: “Every Day I Write The Book” (Elvis Costello); Sam Bush; The Other Side of the Mountain | Compass 7 4347 2
  2. Patty Larkin: “The Book I’m Not Reading”; Patty Larkin; Perishable Fruit |High Street Records 72902-10354-2
  3. Woody Guthrie: “Tom Joad, Part 1”; Woody Guthrie; Dust Bowl Ballads | RCA Victor/Buddha 74465 99724 2
  4. Old Town School of Folk Music cast: “When We Get to California” (Michael Smith); Old Town School of Folk Music cast; The Grapes of Wrath | WFMT Folkstage 02/28/03 Disc 1 of 2
  5. Woody Guthrie: “Tom Joad, Part 2”; Woody Guthrie; Dust Bowl Ballads | RCA Victor/Buddha 74465 99724 2
  6. Solas: “The Ghost of Tom Joad” (Bruce Springsteen); Solas, feat. Mairead Phelan; The Turning Tide | Compass Records 7 4530 2
  7. Shawn Mullins: “Twin Rocks, Oregon”; Shawn Mullins; Sony Legacy B00000AG6W
  8. Dala: “Virginia Woolf” (Walther/Carabine/Wolf); Dala: Amanda Walther, Sheila Carabine; Best Day | Campus Music 7 66397 45822
  9. Joni Mitchell: “Judgement of the Moon & Stars”; Joni Mitchell; For the Roses | Reprise 8122797178-5
  10. Phil Ochs: “The Highwayman” (Alfred Noyes); Phil Ochs; There But For Fortune | Elektra 9 60832-2
  11. Orig. Broadway Cast: “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” (Cole Porter); Orig. Broadway Cast feat. Jack Diamond & Harry Clark; Kiss Me Kate | Angel ZDM 0777 7 64760 2 5
  12. Cliff Eberhardt: “Romeo & Juliet” (Mark Knopfler); Cliff Eberhardt; Mona Lisa Café | Shanachie 8017
  13. Andy Griffith: “Romeo & Juliet”; Andy Griffith; American Original | Capitol CDP 0777 7 98476 2 4
  14. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special Solo (Short)” Instrumental; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 006
  15. Les Barker: “The Author’s Story”; Les Barker; A Cardi and a Bloke | Mrs. Ackroyd Records DOG 011
  16. Dick Gaughan: “Now Westlin Winds” (Robert Burns, 1783); Dick Gaughan; Handful of Earth | Green Linnet GLCD 3062
  17. Rise: “Green Grow the Rashes-o” (Robert Burns, 1783); Rise; Posing as Human | Orissor Productions OP 2010
  18. Brina: “The Slave’s Lament” (Robert Burns, 1792); Brina; Jamaica Sings Burns | Label Record ID
  19. (Win Stracke): “The First Baseball Game”; Win Stracke; Flair S-912
  20. Abbot & Costello: “Who’s on First?”; Abott & Costello; Rhino 70710
  21. Heidi Muller: “I Like Baseball”; Heidi Muller; Cascadia CM103
  22. Jean Shepard: “Balls” (full version); Jean Shepherd; WFMT Collectors’ Choice Music CCM-343-2
  23. Stormy Weather: “The Land of Wrigley”; Stormy Weather; Rhino R2 70701
  24. (Broadway Cast): “T-E-A-M”; Original Broadway cast; Decca Broadway 012 159 851-2
  25. Steven Goodman: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame”; Steve Goodman; Red Pajamas RPJ008CD 1/2
  26. Robert Frost: “Mending Wall”; Robert Frost; soundmark itunes [2014]
  27. Joe Crookston: “Mending Walls”; Joe Crookston; Milagrito Records jbjo78
  28. Steve “Q” Quinn: “The Midnight Special – Harmonica Greasy” (Traditional); Steve “Q” Quinn; Midnight Special Collection | Midnight Special Collection SQuinn/MS013
  29. Barbara Saint John: “Emily”; Barbara Saint John; Emily | Mystic Pilgrim 002
  30. Pete Morton: “I’m In Love With Emily Dickinson”; Pete Morton; Flying an Unknown Flag | Harbourtown HARCD 048
  31. Steve Goodman: “Moby Book”; Steve Goodman; Jessie’s Jig & Other Favorites/Red Pajamas RPJ-010CD
  32. Peter Paul & Mary: “If I Had My Way” (Rev. Gary Davis); Peter Paul & Mary; Peter, Paul & Mary | Warner Bros. 1449-2
  33. Curtis & Loretta: “Finnegan’s Wake” (Trad. Irish); Curtis & Loretta; Sit Down Beside Me | Haymarket Music HM-106
  34. Joan Baez: “From Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man” (James Joyce); Joan Baez (spoken), Peter Schickele a.k.a. PDQ Bach (orchestration); Baptism | Vanguard 79721-2
  35. Chris Thile, Sean Watkins: “Eveline”; Nickel Creek; Why Should the Fire Die? | Sugar Hill Records SUG-CD-3990
  36. Cheryl Wheeler: “Half a Book”; Cheryl Wheeler; Alcazar ALC105
  37. Rick Fielding: “Birth of Robin Hood”; Rick Fielding; Folk Legacy CD 123
  38. Peter Mulvey: “The Trouble With Poets” (Mulvey & Goodrich); Peter Mulvey; Notes from Elsewhere | Signature Sounds Sig 2008
  39. Lawrence Ferlinghetti: “See It Was Like This”; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Poets Read Their Works | Shout! Factory D4K 10029
  40. Aztec Two-Step: “The Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty”; Aztec Two-Step; Aztec Two-Step (1971-1972) | self-released CD reissue
  41. Eric Taylor: “Dean Moriarty”; Eric Taylor; Eric Taylor | Watermelon CD 1040
  42. Carrie Newcomer: “Writing a Better Story”; Carrie Newcomer; The Point of Arrival | Available Light Records ALR05
  43. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  44. Merle Travis: “Midnight Special” Travis picked guitar; Merle Travis; Travis Pickin’ | CMH 6255