The Midnight Special, January 15, 2022

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Pete Seeger: “We Shall Overcome” (from “Link in the Chain”); Pete Seeger; Columbia C2K 64772
  3. Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi: “I Shall Not Be Moved”; Rhiannon Giddens & Francesco Turrisi; Nonesuch 075597915730
  4. Lilli Lewis: “My American Heart”; Lilli Lewis (; Louisiana Red Hot Records LRHR 1200
  5. Johnsmith: “My Name is America”; Johnsmith; [2022]
  6. The Ash Grove Players: “I Ain’t Got No Home/Old Man Trump” (Guthrie); The Ash Grove Players; Single Download Ash Grove Players
  7. Steve Goodman: “Paul Powell”; Steve Goodman; Live: Mandel Hall, U of C, 1977 | WFMT Midnight Special Archives
  8. Phil Ochs: “William Worthy”; Phil Ochs; All the News That’s Fit to Sing | Hannibal HNCD 4427
  9. Billy Bragg: “I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night”; Billy Bragg; Label MM 001
  10. Joan Baez: “Joe Hill” (Earl Robinson/Alfred Hayes); Joan Baez; Cotillion SD 3-500
  11. Utah Phillips: “Keep your hands in your pockets (spoken)”; Utah Phillips; IWW -1
  12. Utah Phillips: “Bread and Roses” (Oppenheim/M. Farina); Utah Phillips; IWW -1
  13. Windborne: “Preacher and the Slave/Pie in the Sky” (trad., Joe Hill); Windborne; Folkstage 07-20-19 1 of 2
  14. Susan Werner: “Snake Oil”; Susan Werner; 95269 03327 9
  15. Tom Lehrer: “The Folk Song Army”; Tom Lehrer; The Remains of Tom Lehrer, Disc 3 Rhino R2 79831 1
  16. Nancy White: “Stickers on Fruit”; Nancy White; Borealis BCD 147
  17. John Prine: “Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven”; John Prine; Atlantic SD 8296
  18. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – Melodica”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 005
  19. Richie Havens: “Freedom” (trad., Havens); Richie Havens; Cotillion SD 3-500
  20. Martin Luther King: Speech, “I Have a Dream”; Martin Luther King, speaker; 20th Century Fox TFS-3201
  21. Montgomery Delaney: “Walking in the Light”; Montgomery Delaney; Walking in the Light | self ASIN : B01G4CBDLW
  22. Anne Feeney & Chris Chandler: “Have You Been to Jail for Justice?”; Anne Feeney & Chris Chandler; Folkstage 02-05-05
  23. Melanie DeMore: “Intro to One Foot/Lead With Love”; Melanie DeMore w/Alastair Moock; Moockshake Music 00261 48083
  24. Alastair Moock w/Crys Matthews: “One Foot/Lead With Love” (Melanie DeMore); Alastair Moock w/Crys Matthews; Be A Pain | Moockshake Music 00261 48083
  25. Martin Luther King: 1964 Studs Terkel interview; Martin Luther King & Studs Terkel, speakers; WFMT
  26. Don Henry w/Kim Richey: “Beautiful Fool”; Don Henry w/Kim Richey; Freedom Sings | 1st Amendment Center FS 101 CD
  27. Sweet Honey in the Rock: “Breaths”; Sweet Honey in the Rock; Appleseed APR CD 1134 / SR5 CD 003
  28. Josh Ritter & The Milk Carton Kids: “The Gospel of Mary”; Josh Ritter & The Milk Carton Kids; Pytheas Recordings MVPYTH15 5-7-20
  29. Tom Paxton: “Clarissa Jones”; Tom Paxton; Rhino Handmade RHM 7870
  30. Sweet Honey in the Rock: “The Women Gather”; Sweet Honey in the Rock; The Women Gather | Earth Beat R2 73829
  31. Tom Prasada-Rao: “$20 Bill”; Tom Prasada-Rao; Label [2021]
  32. (James Lee Stanley): “Three Monkeys”; James Lee Stanley; Beachwood BR2425 2-CD
  33. Nic Jones: “The Warlike Lads of Russia”; Nic Jones; Mollie Music MMCD02/03
  34. The Capitol Steps: “Putin on the Blitz” excerpt; The Capitol Steps; Capitol Steps CSCD1034
  35. Steve “Q” Quinn: “The Midnight Special – Harmonica Greasy” (Traditional); Steve “Q” Quinn; Midnight Special Collection | Midnight Special Collection SQuinn/MS013
  36. Kate Rusby: “The White Cockade” (Trad.); Kate Rusby; Pure Records/Compass 7 4370 2
  37. Paul Brady: “Arthur McBride”; Paul Brady; Compass 7 4335 2
  38. Larry Kirwan & Black 47: “I Ain’t Marchin’ Anymore” (Ochs); Larry Kirwan & Black 47; Astor Place TCD 4012
  39. Bill Miller: “Tumbleweed” (Miller/Rowan); Bill Miller; Warner Western 9 45324-2
  40. Studs Terkel w/Buffy Sainte-Marie: “Protest Songs” Interview; Studs Terkel w/Buffy Sainte-Marie; Studs Terkel Archives | WFMT
  41. Buffy Sainte-Marie: “Now That the Buffalo’s Gone”; Buffy Sainte-Marie; It’s My Way | Vanguard VMD 79142
  42. Mariee Sioux: “Axemen”; Mariee Sioux; [2004]
  43. Eric Andersen w/John Sebastian & Artie Traum: “The Dolphins” (Neil); Eric Andersen w/John Sebastian & Artie Traum; Y&T 20 #173
  44. Diana Jones: “The Sea is My Mother”; Diana Jones; Goldmine Records GMR003
  45. Guy Davis: “Flint River Blues”; Guy Davis; M.C. Records MC-0088
  46. Malvina Reynolds: “What Have They Done to the Rain?”; Malvina Reynolds; Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD40124
  47. Lou & Peter Berryman: Why Am I Painting the Living Room?; Lou & Peter Berryman; Cornbelt CR900
  48. Original Cast: “Louder Than Words” (Jonathan Larson); Raul Esparza, Jerry Dixon, Amy Spanger; RCA Victor 09026-63862-2
  49. Bob Dylan: “Blowin’ in the Wind”; Bob Dylan; Columbia CK 8786 CD
  50. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  51. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004