The Midnight Special, November 12, 2022

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Henry Davis Singers: Peace in the Valley (Dorsey); Henry Davis Singers; Smithsonian Folkways CD SF40076-4
  3. (The Mammals): “If You Could Hear Me Now”; The Mammals; Humble Abode Music HAM 018
  4. Jonell Mosser: Peace Stories; Jonell Mosser; Siren Songs 1205
  5. Tom Prasada-Rao: Better Angels; Tom Prasada-Rao; Tom Prasada-Rao 001
  6. Birds of Chicago: “Love in Wartime”; Birds of Chicago; Signature Sounds Love in Wartime / 7-01237-20942-5
  7. Mark Knopfler: Done With Bonaparte; Mark Knopfler; Warner 9 46026-2
  8. Arlo Guthrie: “When a Soldier Makes it Home”; Arlo Guthrie; Rising Son RSR0009CD
  9. Lucy Kaplansky: “Mary & the Soldier; Lucy Kaplansky; Flesh and Bone/Red House RHR CD 92
  10. Whirligig, feat. Lisa Moscatiello: “A Fair Maid Walking” (Traditional); Whirligig, feat. Lisa Moscatiello; Prime 1800PCD70
  11. Kaia Kater: “La Misere”; Kaia Kater; Smithsonian Folkways SFW CD 40234
  12. Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude: “Garden of Mysteries”; Freyda & Acoustic AttaTude; Red House RHR CD 55
  13. Daniel Rodriguez: “Sojourn of a Burning Sun”; Daniel Rodriguez; Renew Records 538627492
  14. Jonas Friddle: “The Midnight Special – fretless banjo”; Jonas Friddle; Midnight Special Collection JFriddle | MS008
  15. Hart Rouge: Helpless (N. Young); Hart Rouge; Bose Bose Hart Rouge 01
  16. Neil Young w/Emmylou Harris: This Old Guitar; Neil Young w/Emmylou Harris; Reprise 49593-2
  17. Stephen Fearing: Thrasher (N. Young); Stephen Fearing; Red House/True North RHR CD 149
  18. Neil Young: I Am a Child; Neil Young; Reprise 9 46824-2
  19. Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris: After the Gold Rush (N. Young); Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris; Asylum 62275-2
  20. Neil Young: Buffalo Springfield Again; Neil Young; Reprise 9 47305-2
  21. Studs Terkel & Kurt Vonnegut: Armistice Day – Father/Army; Studs Terkel & Kurt Vonnegut; WFMT 2609467-3-1
  22. Sylvia Fricker Tyson: “Spring of ’45”; Quartette; Work of the Heart Denon/CAN9024
  23. Studs Terkel & Kurt Vonnegut: Armistice Day – Homecoming; Studs Terkel & Kurt Vonnegut; WFMT 2609467-3-1
  24. Paul Siebel: Bride 1945; Paul Siebel; Philo PH CD 1161
  25. Gillian Welch: In Tall Buildings (Hartford); Gillian Welch; Blue Plate Music BPM 405
  26. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: Woodstock (Mitchell); Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young; Atlantic SD 7200
  27. Richard Nixon: End of the Vietnam War; Richard Nixon; Rhino World Beat RWB 70567 2
  28. John Prine: Sam Stone; John Prine; Atlantic 19156-2
  29. (Leandra Peak): “Wash My Eyes”; Leandra Peak; Red House RHR CD 145
  30. Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings: See You on the Other Side; Peter Mulvey & SistaStrings; Righteous Babe TBD 8.12.22
  31. Stephen Schuch: Midnight Special (Piano Only); Stephen Schuch; Stephen Schuch [2022]
  32. Shawna Caspi: Leaving Came Easy; Shawna Caspi; 8.27.2021
  33. Kim & Reggie Harris: Home Again; Kim & Reggie Harris; Appleseed APR CD 1034
  34. The Stray Birds: “Best Medicine”; The Stray Birds; Yep Roc Best Medicine / YEP-2408
  35. Lara Herscovitch: Angels; Lara Herscovitch; Highway Philosophers
  36. (Joyce McDill): “Angel Whispers”; Shoormal; Greentrax CDTRAX 247
  37. Sultans of String feat. Ahmed Moneka & Imad al Taha: “Imad’s Dream” (Chris McKhool, Kevin Laliberte, Imad Al Taha); Sultans of String feat. Ahmed Moneka; Refuge | McKhool MCK2230
  38. Geyer Street Sheiks: “Great Dream from Heaven” (Joseph Spence); Geyer Street Sheiks; BJAM CD 101
  39. Joan Baez: “There But for Fortune” (Phil Ochs); Joan Baez; Joan Baez 5 | Vanguard 79700-2
  40. Billy Bragg: “I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night”; Billy Bragg; Label MM 001
  41. Phil Ochs: “Power and the Glory”; Phil Ochs; All The News That Fit to Sing | Hannibal HNCD 4427
  42. Elexa Dawson: Speak Again; Elexa Dawson; Lost Cowgirl Records 11-15-2022
  43. The Milk Carton Kids: I Still Want A Little More; The Milk Carton Kids; Milk Carton Records MCR001
  44. Tom Paxton: “Peace Will Come”; Tom Paxton w/Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer; Pax Records 008
  45. Pat Wictor: The Past is Never Over; Pat Wictor; 8312022
  46. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  47. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004