The Midnight Special, February 25, 2023

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Shawn Colvin: Diamond in the Rough; Shawn Colvin; Columbia CK 93452
  3. Judy Collins: The Bonnie Ship the Diamond (Trad.); Traditional; Wildflower WFL 1299-2
  4. The Nields: Treasure in the Rock; The Nields; Mercy House 7 0026141870 4
  5. John Prine: Diamonds in the Rough (A.P. Carter); John Prine; Atlantic SD 7241
  6. Tamarack: Buried Treasure; Tamarack; Folk Era FE1421CD
  7. The Red Clay Ramblers: “Diamond Joe”; The Red Clay Ramblers; Yonder | The Red Clay Ramblers Records RCR 001
  8. Lou & Peter Berryman: Spray Them Gold; Lou & Peter Berryman; Cornbet CR800CD
  9. Barry Dean: Diamond Rings and Old Barstools; Barry Dean;
  10. Jeff Black: “Gold Heart Locket”; Jeff Black; Dualtone LNM 80302-01135-2
  11. Eva Cassidy: Oh, Had I A Golden Thread (Seeger); Eva Cassidy; Blix Street G2 10045
  12. Paul Simon: “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”; Paul Simon; Warner Bros [1986]
  13. Joan Baez: “Diamonds and Rust”; Joan Baez; Complete A&M Recordings (4) | A & M Chronicles B0000828-02
  14. Susan Cattaneo: Diamond Days; Susan Cattaneo; 7 00261 48921 6
  15. The Dead Reckoners: Pearl Earrings (T. Rogers); The Dead Reckoners; Dead Reckoning Records DEAR0007 – 2
  16. Jonas Friddle: “The Midnight Special – fretless banjo”; Jonas Friddle; Midnight Special Collection JFriddle | MS008
  17. Gina Forsyth: “What I Did on Mardi Gras Day”; Gina Forsyth; Waterbug WBG0101
  18. Heather Styka: Tightrope Walker; Heather Styka; Kite Stripe KSR02
  19. Pete Morton: Tren Arall / Another Train; Pete Morton; Further Records Further Records 002
  20. Iona: Larindenn / Dacw ‘Nghariad y Lawr yn y Berllan [There’s my Love Down in the Orchard] (Trad. Welsh); Iona; Barnaby Productions BP2006 1 of 2
  21. Judy Cook: Lazy Robin (Trad.); Judy Cook; Creative Engineering, Inc. CEI-JC02-0005
  22. Tapestri: Atgofian; Tapestri; Shimi Records ShimiCD0028
  23. Martyn Joseph: Thunder and Rainbows; Martyn Joseph; Pipe Records Pipe MJ 001
  24. Alisa Amador: Milonga Accidental; Alisa Amador; single [2022]
  25. Violet Bell: All The Stars; Violet Bell; VB2022
  26. Emily Scott Robinson w/Alisa Amador & Lizzy Ross: Sleep No More; Emily Scott Robinson w/Alisa Amador & Lizzy Ross; ESR2022
  27. Doc Watson with David Holt: Interview: The King’s Treasure; Doc Watson with David Holt; High Windy HW1258 1 of 3
  28. Doc Watson: Deep River Blues (Trad.); Doc Watson; Vanguard 155 / 58 1-4
  29. Doc Watson: “Your Lone Journey” (Doc & Rosa Lee Watson); Doc Watson; My Dear Old Southern Home/Sugar Hill SH CD 3795
  30. Si Kahn: “To Hear Doc Watson Play”; Si Kahn; Best of the Rest: Si Kahn at 75/Strictly Country SCR82
  31. Jane Voss and Hoyle Osborne: Sparkle and Shine; Jane Voss and Hoyle Osborne; Front Hall Records FHR 042CD
  32. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – organ”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 008
  33. Richie Havens: Stardust & Passion; Richie Havens; Stormy Forest SF 2021
  34. Emily White: Stone In Your Pocket; Emily White; Squeezed Fresh 1 94171163890
  35. Ferron: Ain’t Life a Brook; Ferron; Warner WBCD 9 46292-2
  36. Buddy Mondlock: Sunlight in My Pocket; Buddy Mondlock;
  37. Mark Erelli: Break in the Clouds; Mark Erelli; Soundly Music 6 89176 894189 9
  38. Sons of the Never Wrong: Circle of Gold; Sons of the Never Wrong; Waterbug WBG103
  39. Paul Simon: Senorita With a Necklace of Tears; Paul Simon; Warner Bros. R2 78907
  40. Robert Klein: At the Dentist; Robert Klein; Epic PE 33535
  41. Lonnie Johnson, Victoria Spivey & Clarence Williams: Toothache Blues, Part 1; Lonnie Johnson, Victoria Spivey & Clarence Williams; CBS CK 46221
  42. Kieran Goss: One Boy’s Treasure; Kieran Goss; Cog Communications CogCD223
  43. Dar Williams: Emerald; Dar Williams; Dar Williams Records DAR 518
  44. Garnet Rogers: Like a Diamond Ring (Steve Hayes); Garnet Rogers; Snow Goose SGS 1115 CD
  45. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; Laura Love 88295 68276
  46. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004