The Midnight Special, July 29, 2023

By Marilyn Rea Beyer |

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  1. Leadbelly: “Midnight Special THEME” (excerpt); Leadbelly; Leadbelly; Label MM 001
  2. (Greg Brown): “One Cool Remove”; Greg Brown feat. Bob Thompson (sax); One Big Town; Red House RHR CD 28
  3. Gwendolyn Brooks: “We Real Cool”; Gwendolyn Brooks; Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work 1888-2006 Disk 2; Shout Factory D4K10029 -2
  4. Mickey Calin & The Jets: Orig. Broadway Cast: “Cool”; Mickey Calin & The Jets (Orig. Broadway Cast); West Side Story; Masterworks Broadway West Side Story /88691 94841 2
  5. James McCandless: Fragrance of Cold Water; James McCandless; One; St. Christopher STCD 7001
  6. Odetta: Cool Water (Nolan); Odetta; One Grain of Sand; Vanguard VSD-2153
  7. Ed Snodderly: Better Just Ride The Mule; Ed Snodderly; Chimney Smoke; Majestic Records MAJ0522
  8. Dar Williams: As Cool As I Am; Dar Williams; Out There Live; Razor & Tie 7930182871-2
  9. The Manhattan Transfer: Popsicle Toes (M. Franks); The Manhattan Transfer; Coming Out; Atlantic SD 18183
  10. Tupelo: Patagonia; Tupelo; Push On; Crashed Records CARCD8017
  11. Bounding Main: South Australia (trad.); Bounding Main; Going Overboard; Bounding Main Bounding Mail001
  12. John Prine: Everything is Cool; John Prine; The Missing Years; Oh Boy! OBR-009 CD
  13. Tanglefoot: Summer Ghosts; Tanglefoot; Agnes on the Cow Catcher; Borealis BCD143
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  17. Lori McKenna: The Tunnel; Lori McKenna; 1988; CN Records/Thirty Tigers 793888873483
  18. Jared Rabin: Tunnel’s End; Jared Rabin; Chasing the Light; bandcamp 10.7.2022
  19. Travis, Merle: “Midnight Special” Travis picked guitar; Merle Travis; In Boston 1959; Travis Pickin’ | CMH 6255
  20. Sinead O’Connor: I’ll Tell Me Ma; Sinead O’Connor; Sean-Nos Nua; Vanguard 79724-2
  21. Sinead O’Connor: The Singing Bird; Sinead O’Connor; Sean-Nos Nua; Vanguard 79724-2
  22. Sinead O’Connor: The Parting Glass; Sinead O’Connor; Sean-Nos Nua; Vanguard 79724-2
  23. The Geyer Street Sheiks: “Dance Around in Your Bones” (Kahn, Gus and Donaldson, Walter); The Geyer Street Sheiks; Great Dream; B-Jam BJR 101
  24. Natalie Merchant w/The Fairfield Four: Bleezer’s Ice Cream; Natalie Merchant w/The Fairfield Four; Leave Your Sleep; Nonesuch 522301-2
  25. Audra McDonald: Vanilla Ice Cream (Bock & Harnick); Audra McDonald; Sing Happy; Decca Gold B0028495-02
  26. The Minnesota Klezmer Band: Land of the Frozen Chosen; The Minnesota Klezmer Band; Bulka’s Song; Frozen Chosen Productions FCP198
  27. Cindy Kallet: The Glacier; Cindy Kallet; Dreaming Down a Quiet Line; Stone’s Throw STM-1
  28. Firesign Theatre: Glacier; Firesign Theatre; Give Me Immortality of Give Me Death; Rhino R2 75509
  29. Stan Freberg: Abominable Snowman; Stan Freberg; The Stan Freberg Show, Episode 2; Radio Spirits, Inc. SFRD2
  30. Grace Griffith: “Water, Fire, and Smoke” (Betsy Rose); Grace Griffith; Passing Through; Blix Street G2-10108
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  36. Roland Roberts: Alaska Time; Roland Roberts; So it Goes;
  37. Lou & Peter Berryman: When Did We Have Sauerkraut?; Lou & Peter Berryman; What, Again?; Cornbelt CR900
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  49. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004