The Midnight Special, March 30, 2024

By Marilyn Rea Beyer |

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  1. Traditional: “Midnight Special”; Leadbelly; Midnight Special; RCA Victor LPV-505
  2. Owen Walsh: Somewhere Sunny; Owen Walsh; On My Way; 112022
  3. Steve Goodman: Banana Republics (Goodman/Rothermel/Burgh); Steve Goodman; Words We Can Dance To; Elektra 7E-1061
  4. Fiona Kweskin w/Jim Kweskin: What Does the Deep Sea Say?; Fiona Kweskin w/Jim Kweskin; Never Too Late: Duets with My Friends; StorySound Records 161-057
  5. Queler/Farber Family Band: “Mozambique” (Bob Dylan); Queler/Farber Family Band; single digital download – MS Exclusive; self 5.18.21
  6. Jim Gary: Smilin’ on the Island; Jim Gary; Word Play; 00261 47835
  7. Antje Duvekot: Coney Island; Antje Duvekot; The Near Demise of the High Wire Dancer; BW BW008
  8. Paul Brady: The Island; Paul Brady; Nobody Knows: The Best of Paul Brady; Rykodisc RCD 10491
  9. Sol Y Canto (Rosi & Brian Amador): En tu Orbita; Sol Y Canto (Rosi & Brian Amador); single; 2.14.2024
  10. Oceanique: Hiding From You; Oceanique; Would the Light Hold Me; 3-29-2023
  11. Billy Kelly: Some People; Billy Kelly; True Irish Ghost Stories; 198500095135
  12. Peter Mulvey: Some People; Peter Mulvey; More Notes from Elsewhere; Black Walnut 1 95269 27973 8
  13. Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites: Sail Away Ladies; Malcolm Dalglish & The Ooolites; Pleasure; Ooolitic Music Pleasure / OM 1112
  14. Livingston Taylor: Vacation; Livingston Taylor; Our Turn To Dance; Vanguard CD 79469
  15. Helen Hong: Couples Resort (excerpt); Helen Hong; Well Hong (TV Special); Amazon Prime Video May 31, 2022
  16. Susan Werner: Florida La La La; Susan Werner; Birds of Florida; self [2022]
  17. Owen Walsh: The Midnight Special (Trad.); Owen Walsh; The Midnight Special “exclusive”; single 1.31.2024
  18. Magical Strings: “Bahamian Time”; Magical Strings; Islands Calling; Islands Calling | EarthBeat 93528-2
  19. Harry Belafonte: Kingston Market (Burgie); Harry Belafonte; Jump Up Calypso; RCA Victor LPM/LSP-2388
  20. Inti-Illimani: Tata San Juan (“Venerable St. John” trad.); Inti-Illimani; Andadas; Green Linnet GLCD 4008 0 48248 40092 3
  21. Dirk Hamilton: On a Volcano; Dirk Hamilton; Yep!; Core 9458
  22. Brother Brothers: Angel Island (Rowan); Brother Brothers; Some People I Know; Compass Records 7 4725 2
  23. Holmes Hooke, Bobby Watt & Oliver Schroer: Arran (Jewel in the Water); Holmes Hooke, Bobby Watt & Oliver Schroer; Caught by the Tale; Holmespun HMCD001
  24. Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley: Orcadia (Harvey)/Orkneyites (Wrigley); Jennifer & Hazel Wrigley; Skyran; Geosound GSCD01
  25. Steve Goodman w/Vin Scelsa: Easter Parade; Steve Goodman w/Vin Scelsa; The Easter Tapes; Red Pajamas RPJ-009CD
  26. Jonas Friddle & The Majority: Rabbit; Jonas Friddle & The Majority; Use Your Voice; 8 84501 92481 8
  27. Willie Stratton: Chasing Rabbits; Willie Stratton; Drugstore Dreamin’; Turtle Music TTMW801
  28. Kate Campbell: The Last Song; Kate Campbell; Wandering Strange; Eminent EM-25050-2
  29. David Olney: Thirty Coins of Gold; David Olney; Real Lies; Philo CDPH 1204
  30. The Harlem Spiritual Ensemble: The Angel Rolled the Stone Away; The Harlem Spiritual Ensemble; Free at Last; Arcadia ARC 1995-2
  31. Gillian Welch: “By the Mark”; Gillian Welch; Revival; Almo Sounds ALM SD 80006
  32. Maxwell Street Klezmer Band: Midnight Special Theme; Maxwell Street Klezmer Band; WFMT’s Folkstage; WFMT Folkstage 12.04.21
  33. South For Winter: Wintersleep (Southern Lights); South For Winter; Of Sea and Sky; 05162024
  34. Amelia White: Don’t You Ever Forget; Amelia White; Love I Swore; 31 Tigers Records [2024]
  35. Buddy Mondlock: “Santa Monica Pier” (Christine Lavin); Buddy Mondlock; Big League Babe, Vol. 2; Prime CD 39
  36. Vance Gilbert: Waiting for Gilligan; Vance Gilbert; One Thru Fourteen; Louisiana Red Hot LRHR-1157
  37. Jim Gaffigan: Montezuma’s Revenge (excerpt); Jim Gaffigan; Dark Pale; Comedy Dynamics COM1317
  38. Corky Siegel: Mexico; Corky Siegel; Something Wrong; advance single
  39. Chuck Pyle: “I Can’t Go to Mexico”; Chuck Pyle; Keepin’ Time by the River; Keepin’ Time by the River | Bee’n’Flower 001
  40. Linda Ronstadt: “La Charreada”; Linda Ronstadt; Canciones de mi Padre; Asylum RR2 60765 (remastered)
  41. Jenny Bienemann: The Beach; Jenny Bienemann; Heading Slowly Toward the Beginning; 00261 36316
  42. Annie Rapid: Zuma Beach; Annie Rapid; Roses and Ash; Dirge Records DR 00012
  43. Sons of the Never Wrong: Hallelujah for the Getaway; Sons of the Never Wrong; One if By Hand; Gadfly Records Gadfly 268
  44. Annie Gallup: The Poet’s Advice to His Younger Self (Jensen/Gallup); Annie Gallup; Did You Hear the Red-Winged Blackbird?; none
  45. Coco & Lafe: “Ocean Beach”; Coco & Lafe; Cafe Loco; Skyhunter Cafe Loco / SKY 2008
  46. Laura Love: “I Still Believe (Unplugged)”; Laura Love; She Loved Red; Laura Love 88295 68276
  47. Andrew Beyer: “The Midnight Special – cigar box slide”; Andrew Beyer; Midnight Special Collection; Midnight Special Collection AABeyer/MS 004