Composers Among Us: Errollyn Wallen

June 16, 2017, 10:00 pm

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Errollyn Wallen
Errollyn Wallen

The next in our series spotlighting talented up and comers features versatile singer, pianist and composer Errollyn Wallen, who is creating a unique body of work and making an international name for herself along the way.


Dervish, by Errolyn Wallen
Dominic Harlan, piano; Matthew Sharp, cello

Are you worried about the rising costs of funerals? songs I Beehive and III White Christine, by Errolyn Wallen
Patricia Rozario, soprano; David le Page, violin; Kirsty Staines, violin; David Aspin, viola; Joseph Spooner, cello

Horseplay, by Errolyn Wallen
Continuum Ensemble; Philip Headlam, conductor

Daedalus, by Errolyn Wallen
Errollyn Wallen, voice and piano

Daedalus, by Errolyn Wallen
Brodsky Quartet; Errollyn Wallen, voice

In Our Lifetime, by Errolyn Wallen
Mike Henry, baritone

My Feet May Take a Little While, by Errolyn Wallen

Errollyn Wallen, voice and piano