Earth’s Greatest Hits — producer Timothy Ferris recalls assembling humanity’s definitive playlist for the Voyager Golden Record

If given the task to assemble a collection of music that reflects humanity, what would you choose?

Baroque&Before | Bach’s Reformation Cantatas

The Stuttgart Chamber Choir performs three choral masterworks by Bach. Wednesday at 10:00 pm.

WFMT’s Musical Chicago Summer Guide

Check out our interactive guide to make the most of Chicago's best season.

Over the Moon for “Moon River”

This 45 is the first record I ever bought. In 1961, I went with my parents to see Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer’s “Moon River” was the hit song and Audrey Hepburn the star. I was thirteen years old and on a definite budget: I took some of my paltry allowance and spent the princely sum of ...

Elliott Golub, founding concertmaster of Music of the Baroque, dies at 85

Respected Chicago violinist Elliott Golub has died at age 85. He was the founding concertmaster of Music of the Baroque, holding the position from the ensemble’s establishment in 1972 until his retirement in 2006.

10 Piano Concertos You Need to Know But Probably Don’t

You voted on your 10 favorite piano concertos and we aired them on WFMT along with 10 piano concertos that might be less familiar to you. Which of the concertos below are discoveries to you? Which of your favorites would you add to the list?

76 Trombone Pieces?! Hear a Big Parade of Trombone Music in our Music Man-Inspired Playlist

When you think of the trombone, what comes to mind? A particular classical work, or more likely, “Seventy-Six Trombones” leading a big parade? Although The Music Man brings the instrument into the spotlight in Meredith Willson’s hallmark song, the musical leaves a lot of room to explore the wide world of trombone repertoire.

David Bromberg fears huge violin collection must be split up

WILMINGTON, Del. (AP) — David Bromberg, a master of stringed-instrument Americana, says a deal to sell his massive collection of historic violins to the Library of Congress has fallen through. The singer-songwriter and session musician has compiled a collection of 263 historic American violins over the years, and at 73, was hoping to sell it intact for $1.7 million as ...

Violinist Aaron Rosand dies at 92

Violinist Aaron Rosand has died at the age of 92. Rosand was born in 1927 just outside of Chicago in Hammond, Indiana, and at age ten, the lauded virtuoso made his orchestral debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Best known for his interpretations of Romantic works (self-billed as the “Last Romantic”), Rosand studied with Efrem Zimbalist at the Curtis Institute of Music at the beginning of what would become a more than 70-year playing career.

Fretless and Linear: How Classical Violin shaped Andrew Bird’s Sound

Using his violin and virtuosic whistle, Andrew Bird genre-jumps from indie rock to jazz, and from folk to classical. Born in Lake Forest, Bird began learning classical violin from the Suzuki Method at the age of four and recalls, “My mom would have WFMT on all the time… My dad listened to Merle Haggard.”

Cat’s Meow — 9 Classical Selections Inspired by Feline Friends [Playlist]

What animals have nine lives and are beloved by the internet and classical composers alike? Cats, cats, and — you guessed it — more cats. While kitties are favored in contemporary popular culture (memes, viral videos, #Instagram), they have also long dominated the hearts of humans throughout history and are reflected through past art and music. One of the most ...

Long lost WWII-era Soviet songs brought to life in Israel

TEL AVIV, Israel (AP) — In a musty basement hall of an unassuming building nestled among modern high-rises in the heart of Tel Aviv, a few hundred spectators are kindly requested to turn off their cellphones. What makes the typical scene surreal is that they are asked to do so in Yiddish — the playful, lyrical language of Diaspora European ...

Brazilian bossa nova pioneer João Gilberto dies at 88

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — João Gilberto, a Brazilian singer, guitarist and songwriter considered one of the fathers of the bossa nova genre that gained global popularity in the 1960s and became an iconic sound of the South American nation, died Saturday, his son said. He was 88. João Marcelo said his father had been battling health issues though no ...

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