The Strangers

September 25, 2017, 8:00 pm

The early music ensemble The Strangers present music for the High Holidays, including music of little-known Italian/Jewish composer Salomone Rossi.

The Strangers
Allison Selby Cook, soprano
Josh R. Pritchett, alto/tenor
Ryan Townsend Strand, tenor
Constantine Novotny, baritone
Joel Spears, theorbo



Keter Kadash Mizmor Lamnatseach Bar’chu

Ell moadei adonai Elohim Hashiveinu
(The Strangers)

Johannes Hieronymous Kapsberger (1580-1651)
(Joel Spears, Theorbo)


Ohime, se tanto amate Cor mio, deh non languire
(Allison Selby Cook, Soprano)

Cor mio, deh non languire
(The Strangers)

Fantasticaria detta gioviale,
Un bocconcino di fantasia, Bellerofonte Castaldi (1580-1649)
(Joel Spears, Theorbo)

Anima del cor mio
(Ryan Townsend Strand)

Udite lacrimosi Spirti d’Averno
(Constantine Novotny)

Udite lacrimosi Spirti d’Averno
(The Strangers)

Tirsi mio
(Allison Selby Cook)

Parlo misero
(Josh R. Pritchett)

Toccata IX
Partite variate sopra la folia aria,
Romanesca Chiaconna in partite variate, Alessandra Piccinini (1566-1638)
(Joel Spears, Theorbo)

Zeffiro Torna Vago augelletto
(Allison Selby Cook, Soprano & Ryan Townsend Strand, Tenor)

Poiché mori dicesti
(Josh R. Pritchett, Tenor & Allison Selby Cook, Soprano)

Messaggier di speranza
(Josh R. Pritchett, Tenor & Ryan Townsend Strand, Tenor)

(Constantine Novotny, Baritone, Josh R. Pritchett, Tenor, & Ensemble)

(The Strangers)

  • Tony Tax

    This was wonderful. I really enjoyed listening to this ensemble.

  • Emma ET McLean

    I just used the first piece for the listening example in my 3-6th grade music classes. What an awesome interpretation of such beautiful and unique music! Thank you to The Strangers and WFMT. <3