Carlo Graziani: Six Cello Sonatas

November 14, 2017, 9:00 am

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Carlo Graziani, born in the Italian city of Asti around 1710, was one of the earliest cello virtuosos. He played in London with the 7-year-old Mozart and left many sets of sonatas and several concertos for his instrument. He retired from the Prussian court in 1773, but he continued to work for Friedrich Wilhelm II on a generous pension. His sonatas provide a fascinating example of his artistry and ability: rapid passage work, double-stopping, and extensive use of the upper register. They also illustrate the composer’s view on the melodic capabilities of the instrument. The Six Sonatas, Op 3, were dedicated to Friedrich Wilhelm II, who must have been an exceptionally gifted pupil. Armoniosa, also from Asti, deliver elegant, polished and affectionate performances of these sonatas by one of the key figures in the instrument’s development.