The Golden Age of Iberian Sacred Music

November 29, 2017, 10:00 pm

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Detail of Madonna and Saints (first half of 16th century) by Francesco Francia

Polyphonic sacred choral music flourished throughout the Iberian Peninsula during the Renaissance, even as Protestant countries were turning toward homophony. The Montreal Early Music Studio presents works by some of the masters of 16th- and 17th-century sacred polyphony from Spain and Portugal. Presented by Studio de musique ancienne de Montréal, recorded live in concert in the Church of Saint-Léon, a National Historic Site of Canada, in Westmount, Montreal. This was one of the last concerts conducted by Christopher Jackson before his death from lung cancer at age 67.


Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566)
Diferencias sobre la Pavana italiana, for organ

Manuel Cardoso (1566-1650)
Missa Miserere mihi Domine, a 6
– Kyrie

Joan Cererols (1618-1676)
Salve Regina, motet a 8

Sebastian Aguilera de Heredia (1561-1627)
Magnificat Octavi Toni, motet a 8

Juan Bautista José Cabanilles (1644-1712)
Batalla imperial in C
, for organ

Francesc Valls (c.1671-1747)
Miserere, motet a 12
Two Villancicos, a 12
– Y así los serafines
– Quien será dezid

João Lourenço Rebelo (1610-1655)
Lamentatio Jeremiae Prophetae, a 8, for Maundy Thursday
Laetatus sum, motet a 12


Montreal Early Music Studio
Christopher Jackson, Director
Jean-Willy Kunz, organ

Opening & Closing Theme for Baroque&Before:
Joan Ambrosio Dalza: Piva, performed by Musica Reservata (Boston Skyline BSD 123)