Pixis: Piano Trios

January 16, 2018, 9:00 am

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The Leonore Piano Trio revives three works by a figure already—and unfairly—consigned to the musical footnotes of history before he died, and yet whose music is bound to charm in such persuasive performances as these. If Johann Peter Pixis is remembered at all, it is for his contribution to Liszt’s Hexaméron and in a few musical anecdotes. Albert Ehrlich in his Celebrated Pianists of the Past and Present sums up the German composer’s career succinctly: “Pixis trod in Haydn’s, Beethoven’s and Mozart’s footsteps with regard to composition, although he also sought to be original; he published one hundred and fifty pianoforte compositions, concertos, sonatas, quintets, quartets, lighter pieces as well, but they are now forgotten. He also wrote several operas, but none of them were successful.”