November 23, 2018, 10:00 pm

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Although a famous name can open some doors, it’s not always easy following in the footsteps of a great artist. Many children of great composers and performers have chosen to go a different route altogether, but others have found their own artistic identity.


Vision Fugitives Op. 22, No. 18, by Sergei Prokofiev
Sergei Prokofiev, piano

Strong Quartet No. 2, II, by Gabriel Prokofiev
Elysian Quartet

Double Violin Concerto, II. Song, by Lisa Bielawa
Boston Modern Orchestra Project; Gil Rose, conductor; Carla Kihlstedt, violin and vocals; Colin Jacobsen, violin

“Nightland”, from Stone Settings, by Herb Bielawa
Marian Marsh, soprano; Herb Bielawa, piano

The Fiction Issue, Part I, by Gabriel Kahane
Brooklyn Rider; Shara Worden and Gabriel Kahane, vocals

Piano Concerto, Windsongs, II, by Ramon Zupko
Kalamazoo Symphony; Yoshimi Takeda, conductor; Abraham Stokman, piano

Eclipse, by Mischa Zupko
Sang Mee Lee, violin; Wendy Warner, cello

Piano Etudes, Book 1 No. 1, by Gyorgi Ligeti
Pierre Laurent Aimard, piano

Great Circle’s Tune I (excerpt), by Lukas Ligeti
Lukas Ligeti, percussion and electronic percussion

Capriccio from, City Profiles, by Norman Dello Joio
Keystone Wind Ensemble; Jack Stamp, conductor

The March of Folly, I (excerpt), by Justin Dello Joio
Ani Kavafian, violin; Carter Brey, cello; Jeremy Denk, piano