The Midnight Special, February 1, 2020


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Lead Belly: The Midnight Special

Last Sessions

Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71


Claudia Schmidt: Dear Friends

Slow Steady Heart

self 00261-48053


Connie Kaldor: One of a Kind

Everyday Moments

Coyote 1060


Ellie Grace w/ Leela Grace: On the Side of Love

self 00261-47941


Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage: A Thousand New Moons


Proper 003


Storyhill (Chris Cunningham & John Hermanson): Things I Love

Where to Begin

self 66449-06339


Freeman Dre & the Kitchen Party: Record Player

American Songbird – Gems of Folk 2020



Steve Key: Record Time

How I Learned to Drink

self 00261-476880


Nick Nace: Old Records

Wrestling with the Mystery

Flour Sack Cape 008


Seamus Egan: Welcome to Orwell

Early Bright

THL 0003


Shane Hennessy: Sailing to the Shore


Exchequer 002


Utah Phillips: Touch Me

Starlight on the Rails: A Songbook

Daemon 19047


Rachael Sage: Both Hands

Character – Acoustic

Mpress promo


Mike Stevens & Matt Anderson: Hold Me with Both Hands


Busted Flat 030


David Olney: My Lovely Assistant


Loudhouse 2007


Tom Kastle: Marlando the Magnificent

Across the Centerline

Madysen 12008


Paul Burch: The Girl I Sawed in Half

Meridian Rising

self no#


Billie Holiday: All of Me

Lady Day – The Best of Billie Holiday

Legacy 85979


Matt Watroba: You Can’t Say @#$% On the Air

The Far Si: The Si Kahn Funny Song Sing-along Song Book

self 49288-42062


Shelly Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirtys

The Sex Life of the Primate 1186


Ray Jessel: I Think About Sex

Naughty or Nice

LML 243


Shelly Berman & Lovelady Powell: More Cleans and Dirtys

The Sex Life of the Primate 1186


Him & Her (Brenda Freed & Michael D’Eath: My Mind Is Dirty

In the Groove

Bfreed 7444


Shelly Berman & Lovelady Powell: Cleans and Dirtys Rise Again

The Sex Life of the Primate 1186


Honor Finnegan: In Bed

Roses and Victory

self 00261-43531


Cara Dillon: Lakeside Swans


Charcoal 009


Iona Fyfe: The Swan Swims

Away From My Window

Cairnie 80992-15832


The Susie Glaze New Folk Ensemble: White Swan

Live at McCabe’s

self 00261-47671


Tim Grimm & The Grimm Family Band: Woody’s Landlord

(Tim Grimm) (private pressing)


Roy Zimmerman: Sweeney Trump

Rize Up

Metaphor 928


Anya Turner & Robert Grusecki: Soon This Will All Be Over


self 02742-51082


Rebecca Folsom: In My Little Town


(pre-release) self no#


Jim Patton & Sherry Brokus: My Hometown’s Not My Hometown Anymore

Collection 2008-2018

Berkalin 10022


Andrew McKnight: My Little Town

Treasures in My Chest

Catalooch 00261-48005


The Bookshop Band (Ben Please & Beth Porter): A Shop with Books in It

Live in American Bookshops

self 48367-17590


Monty Python: Bookshop

Instant Record Collection

Arista 8296


John McCutcheon: Closing the Bookstore

Supper’s on the Table …

Rounder 1166-11612-2


Claudia Schmidt: Familiar

Slow Steady Heart

self 00261-48053


Terence Martin: Familiar Mysteries


Good Dog 83707-27802


Connie Kaldor: Everyday Moments

Coyote 1060


Andrew McKnight: Passage / (Father’s Now) Our Meeting Is Over

Treasures in My Chest

Catalooch 00261-48005


Vance Gilbert: When I Cross Over

Good Good Man

Disismye 0010


(Eric) Lowen & (Dan) Navarro: Crossing Over

Live Radio

Red Hen 2


Andrew McKnight: When My Time Comes

Treasures in My Chest

Catalooch 00261-48005


Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I’m Gone (close)

Spoken in Love

Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parentheses