The Midnight Special, June 6, 2020


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Lead Belly: The Midnight Special

Last Sessions

Smithsonian Folkways 40068/71


Eric Andersen: My Land Is a Good Land

‘Bout Changes & Things

Vanguard 79206


Iris DeMent: Wasteland of the Free

The Way I Should

Warner Bros. 946188-2


Kim & Reggie Harris: In the Heat of the Summer

Folk Era 1412


Tom Paxton: Clarissa Jones

Morning Again

Elektra import 812276509-2


Ruthie Foster Big Band: The Ghetto

Live at the Paramount

Blue Corn 2001


Judy Collins: It Isn’t Nice

Fifth Album



Sally Rogers & Claudia Schmidt: Still on the Bridge

We Are Welcomed

Pragmavision 00261-44066


Roy Zimmerman: DWB

The Faucet’s on Fire!

Metaphor 925


Lord Richard Buckley: His Majesty the Policeman

Bad Rapping of the Marquis De Sade

World Pacific 21889


Jan Hammarlund: A Policeman Needs a Riot

Uncovered Malvina Reynolds

Skordemane 09


Big Bill Broonzy: Police Station Blues

All the Classic Sides 1928-1937

JSP 7718


Billie Holiday: Strange Fruit

The Definitive Billie Holiday – Ken Burns Jazz

Verve 314549 081-2


Ben Bedford: Land of the Shadows (for Emmett Till)

Hopeful Sky 202


Bob Gibson: The Ballad of Fred and Mark

Bob Gibson

:The Ballad of Fred and Mark (B.Gibson/Marion Fischer)


Julie Gold: Tiger in New Jersey

Try Love

Gadfly 263


Vincent Cross: Michael Brown

Old Songs for Modern Folk

Rescue Dog 90394-17067


Peter Mulvey: Song for Michael Brown

Lift Every Voice

self no#


Avenue Q (orig.cast): Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist

Avenue Q

(Robert Lopez/Jeff Marx) Victor 82876-55923-2


Big Bill Broonzy: Black, Brown & White

Big Bill Blues

Vogue 600041


Jimmie Driftwood: What Is The Color Of The Soul Of Man?

Voice Of The People

Monument 8006


Amythyst Kiah, Rhiannon Giddens, Leyla McCalla, Allison Russell: Blood and Bones

Songs of Our Native Daughters

Smithsonian Folkways 40232


Len Chandler: To Be a Man

Columbia 9259


Phil Ochs: Outside of a Small Circle of Friends

Farewells & Fantasies

Rhino R2-73518


Thom Bishop aka Junior Burke: Somebody Feels the Water

The Wireless Wonder

Stuff 1222


Puppets of Castro (Andrew Lorand): Mr. Smith

Puppets of Castro

Trough 1307


Eliza Gilkyson: Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Roses at the End of Time

Red House 238


Pete Morton: The Grenfell Carol

A Golden Thread

Further 003


Brant Miller: No Interest in That

Roots, Rhymes & Branches

self 100


Michael Johnson: You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught

The Early Albums

MJ Blue 99001


Daryl Mosley: Do What the Good Book Says

The Secret of Life

Pinecastle 1241


Eliza Gilkyson: A Hard Rain’s a Gonna Fall

20 20

Red House 316


Pat Wictor & Deborah Latz: William Butler Yeats Visits Lincoln Park and Escapes Unscathed


Duology 001


Joe Jencks: For What It’s Worth

The Candle and the Flame

Turtle Bear 072707-1


Schooner Fare: We the People

Outer Green 8885


Claudia Schmidt: My Quarantine Prayer

(private recording)


Robert Jones w/ Matt Watroba: I Wrestled with the Angel

Common Chords


Paul Robeson w/ Alan Booth,piano: Balm in Gilead

Live at Carnegie Hall

Vanguard 72020-2


Brant Miller: Love Is a Living Thing

Roots, Rhymes & Branches

self 100


John McCutcheon: Vespers

Cabin Fever- Songs from the Quarantine

Appalsongs no#


The Persuasions: Blowin’ in the Wind

Knockin’ on Bob’s Door



Steve Turner: Peace Descends

Rim of the Wheel

Tradition Bearers 1104


Tom Paxton: Peace Will Come

(Holsteins, Chicago – 6/83) WFMT recording


Kim & Reggie Harris and Magpie: When I’m Gone (close)

Spoken in Love

Long Tail 003-2

Performer is composer unless otherwise noted. Song is album title unless otherwise noted. Album titles are in italics, composers in parentheses